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The PlayStation 4 has several advantages compared to the PlayStation 3. Most of these advantages are related to the possibility of playing within a social network. But also, it is true that it also has a number of disadvantages that are minor compared to the virtues that the console offers. All these advantages and disadvantages of the PlayStation 4, will give us a better view to know if it is a good idea or not to buy the PlayStation 4. Advantages of the PlayStation 4:

– It has an optional 4K output resolution. This is the latest resolution technology in the display market.
– It is possible to access a social network within the PlayStation 4 that has several virtues.
– While one plays the PlayStation 4, it is possible to share the game and have someone else from this social network see it in the foreground, commenting on what you think.
– Also, while someone sees the ps4 games, you can put the game, that is, we leave the control of the game to the person in the social network. This is a clear advantage offered by the PlayStation 4.
– Another advantage is that the DualShock 4 has an incredible design, and has a touch screen with 6 buttons with different functions.

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