Don’t Try To Download Avengers: Endgame – It’s A Scam

Avengers: Endgame took in a billion dollars in the five days after it opened, beating the prior record by six days and destroying every other box office record in the process. It’s the biggest movie ever – but not… Read More


When Darkwood originally launched in early access in 2014, it was an ambitious game that suffered from clunkiness and a lack of identity. In GameSpot’s early access review, writer Brett Todd admired its willingness to experiment with aesthetics and rework the… Read More

Android Games – The Best New Free Game Apps for Android | Big Fish Games

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Games at Miniclip – Play Free Online Games

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Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Review In Progress

I don’t know why I’m in Washington DC; some lady just told me to be here. But there are civilians in distress, armed gangs roaming the streets, and me, my pals, and the second amendment are apparently the… Read More

Days Gone Is A Familiar Experience, But That Might Not Be So Bad

The upcoming PS4 exclusive Days Gone is fast approaching its release on April 26. Coming from Bend Studio, the developers behind the Syphon Filter series and Uncharted: Golden Abyss, the third-person open-world game takes a lot of cues from previous Sony AAA titles,… Read More

Mortal Kombat 11’s Story And Towers Should Have Solo Players Excited

When I think about my own history with Mortal Kombat, it was all about beating my brother or friends one-on-one so I could finish them with a savage fatality in MK3. It revolved around a light-hearted sense of competition… Read More

Bravery Network Online Delivers A Fresh Take On Pokemon Combat, In Style

Speaking to the developers from Gloam Collective about their upcoming PC and Mac game, Bravery Network Online, they raised a point that I hadn’t considered before: despite its popularity, Pokemon’s team-based combat system is rarely imitated, leaving a gap in the market. “It’s super specific,”… Read More

The Incredible Women of Marvel: Cosplay Edition

With so many male superheroes taking center stage in Marvel’s biggest films, it’s easy to forget there are literally hundreds of badass super-women in the Marvel Universe. From Gamora to Storm to Black Widow, these incredible characters have… Read More