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Are you visiting Edinburgh First Time? Read our 5 Tips to Save time and Money

Edinburgh is a great city in Scotland. The British pound is still hefty on a side although the US Dollar is growing stronger against the pound, but still visiting Scotland’s capital may still break your pocket. As a tourist, you should always be aware of the currency of the city you are visiting measured against the US Dollar.  Edinburgh city is a costly city from all perspective, although, maybe not to the locals, but to tourists, care must be taken not to spend above the budgeted amount for the tour. So, where to sleep, what to eat, where to visit, when to visit where, what to buy and so on, will determine whether you will leave this city broke or by budget. This article will help you as much as possible to enjoy your stay in Edinburgh as well as save on your stay and enjoy your tour to the maximum.

  1. Drink at student bars.

Although you can find cheap pubs in Edinburgh, using a club at night is quite expensive in the city. Make sure you get to a student’s night club if you must go clubbing and always make use of pubs with student discounts. There are usually cheap drinks and free cover in most discounted nights at most clubs in the city. It should also be noted that Mondays are “WhyNot” nights at clubs where they offer reduced cover charge and even several £1 shots. The Brass-Monkey offer discounted drink prices to begin with and most clubs will not even ask for your student ID card, especially if you look like a student already. Learn about Edinburgh and become a local during your stay at the city.

  1. Stay in a hostel.

If you are planning to stay in a hotel in Edinburgh city, then you must be ready to spend a lot of money. In place, you can use the cheap hostels that are available all round the Old Town. Along Cowgate, you will find several hostels, situated in the middle of Old Town’s action and they are usually safe, clean. Affordable and well integrated into the city. The Three-Sister pub is by far the liveliest in all of Edinburgh and the pub even has hostel upstairs also. There is also Safestay which offers cheap drinks, pool tables and even a trivia night like the pubs

  1. Check out the free museums.

Scottish National Gallery, Writer’s Museum and even the National Museum of Scotland are all free to visit as a tourist in Edinburgh city. So if you are looking for a way to do some touring activities without paying a cent, well here is your opportunity. Make it to the Royal Botanical Gardens across the bridge in New Town if there is sun shining so as to soak in as much sunlight as possible before the clouds rise up to cover it up again. You need the Edinburgh Tourist attractions map

  1. Avoid the tourist traps.

As a tourist, upon landing in the city of Edinburgh, one the great sites that comes to mind is the iconic castle, a huge fortress built into one of the highest hills in the city. To get to the Edinburgh’s highest hills castle, you will need to pay an exuberant amount of money as entrance fee with a long queue of people. You need to know that paying the entrance fee here is just a tourist’s trap. The entry fee price is not always worth what can be seen from and within the castle. In fact it is best to not climb the castle but to have the lovely view from below. Be wary of the Edinburgh dungeons and several other ghostly and hidden evening tours.  Taking a free walking tour will serve better and this will cost you nothing. Make sure you visit the street gardens and the hidden alleyways. These will not be filled with “selfie tourists” and will cost you no money at all.

  1. Hop-on Hop-off bus tour

You tickets can be gotten from the Edinburgh Bus Tours Ticket Office on Waverley Bridge The hop-on hop-off buses allows tourists to have a great view of the Edinburgh city from the top of an open roof bus tour with other tourists. Tourists are provided with free headphones for listening to audio guide translations, free Wi-Fi and even special kids commentary. Attraction sites that the bus will stop by include the Waverly Bridge, Grassmarket, Lauriston place, Lothian Road, Johnston terrace, Lawn market, Canongate, Hlyrod, Chambers street, Regent road, Our Dynamic Earth, Market street, Hanover street. Remember to click here for Edinburgh bus tours comparisonfg



Are you visiting Malaga First Time? Read our 5 Tips to Save time and Money

Malaga is a great destination for tourists in Spain but it is a costly city. To get by all the costs in the city and still save a lot of time and money is what this article is all about. The best practices that will save you a lot of money and make your tour fit into your budget. To learn more about Malaga city, you can click here.

  1. Save on accommodation

Do not doubt the fact that accommodation is quite expensive in Malaga. This is due to the fat that the city is a hub for tourists. Hotel owners are aware of the fact that tourists flock into the country with their hard earned cash to spend, they want to make a buck or 2 more than usual and so the prices of hotel rooms spike.

The Spanish government is not a fan of Airbnb and as such, you may not be able to find those low budget houses there in Malaga. The hotel owners are aware of this and are not happy, but  the Spanish government in turn generates some amount of income from the fact that rich tourist will be in the city to buy real estate.

The only easy way to get in to Malaga and get quite a decent accommodation at a cheap rate is to plan your visit in the low season. The low season is the time when tourists are few in the city of Malaga. Although the prices then will not be rock bottom prices, but at least, it will be cheaper than what you will get during the summer and holiday season.

  1. Save money on food

You should learn to eat without breaking your bank in Malaga. Spain is a home to different kinds of delicious food and you as a tourist shouldn’t be left out of all the tasty bites around you. One of the easiest ways to save on food is to eat like the locals, small breakfast and a heavy lunch.

In Malaga, and all of Spain in general, lunch is always cheaper while breakfast and dinner costs a fortune. So if you are on a vacation and you are to eat once a day, don’t forget to eat the lunch and save some extra money. By 7pm, most restaurants are filled up already because people are retiring to their beds very soon and as such want to fill their bellies. If you were to eat at this time, you will pay more but in the afternoon, restaurants tend to get fewer customers and so lower the cost of food.

  1. Visit museums


Spain offers culture and art in large quantity and as such you should not be left out of the sightseeing in Malaga. Most museums in Malaga offer discount to students and senior citizens and some museums are even free on some certain days of the week. Though the museums will be very busy on the free days because everybody loves free stuffs, you can always pick another day and make your way to the free museum. Checkout the Malaga Tourist attractions map to see more attraction sites that you can visit in Malaga.

  1. Use public transport

It’s a good thing to travel like the locals. If you make use of taxis, you will spend a lot of money travelling around the city of Malaga. Public transport is cheap, helps you relax and even avail you the opportunity to see much of the city with eyes of the locals. Get a care to hire at  a cheap price if you have over-packed.

  1. Hop-on Hop-off bus tour

Hop-on hop-off bus in Malaga kick starts at Renfe Viala on the red line. The bus tour covers 14 major stops all through the city with a lot of places to hop-off and enjoy the tour round the city. There are several plazas and walkways all around the city which will give tourists the opportunity to hop-off and take a walk around and even have a feel of the culture and history of the city. The bus will also get to the main city stadium, home to the Malaga CF, a great football club in the Spanish league. Some of the attraction sites the bus will stop by include:

  1. Boat tour
  2. Walking tour
  3. Jaleo Flamenco Show
  4. Entrance to Casa y Fundación Picasso
  5. Entrance to Museo de la Musíca
  6. Entrance to Museo Alborania de Aula del Mar
  7. Entrance to Museo Carmen Thyssen
  8. Entrance to Museo Revello de Toro
  9. Entrance to Museo Málaga C.F.
  10. Entrance to Museo Picasso
  11. Entrance To Museo del Automóvil
  12. Entrance to Cuevas del Tesoro
  13. VRFUN virtual reality experience (5 minutes)

Click here for Malaga bus tours comparison to learn more about each type of bus, prices and even hours of work.




Are you visiting Budapest First Time? Read our 6 Tips to save time and Money

Budapest, a city located in the heart of Europe is already famous for its budget nature. You can always grab a frothy beer cheaper than a bottle of water in Budapest that is how cheap things can get in this gorgeous city.

This article hopes to shed more light into deeper money saving techniques in the city of Budapest as a tourist.

  1. Be a tourist but act like a local.

You are probably wondering by now how to move from the status of tourists to a citizen or a local. Well, do not get bothered.  Acting like a local simply mean you need to eat, dress and do things the way the locals do. Let’s take the Budapest’s famous thermal baths for instance, if you follow the way of tourists, you will spend a lot of money to enjoy the thermal bath, but instead of that, you can save by visiting the thermal baths with fewer tourists and crowds, the way the locals do it. If you are the social media type that most post your tour online, then you might want to visit Rudas, Szechenyi and Gellért. They are perfect, neat, well placed and the bath will give you the selfie of your choice. Király or Szént Lukács rival these other 3 but a way cheaper than them.

If you don’t mind a total local hangout for the summer with a beach and restaurant, the benefits of hot spas indoor, giant wave pool and slides and even outdoor chilling pools, then you need to be at Palantinus on Margaret Island. You also get a discount if you get there in the evening and spend only 3 hours there. Learn about  Budapest  by clicking here

  1. Start your own walking tour

Budapest has a lot of monuments lined up on its street and is all free for tourists to see.  You can enjoy your tour of the city by taking a walking tour on your own though the city marveling at the great architecture, the impressive monuments, Roman ruins. You even get to see the Neo-Renaissance era, Art Nouveau and even the Communists era. The city is also filled with green spaces and parks like the City Park, Margaret Island. You can even go for jaunt at the Gellért Hill. All of these can be enjoyed for free without paying a penny. You should also visit the Buda Hills for forest immersion experience.

  1. Make it to a show

Budapest offer tourists a nosebleed eat at their opera house for just a few dollars. Show up early at the opera house so as to walk its interior and have a feel of Budapest architecture. You can as well see a film, often n English, if you are not the performing arts type. The city’s old cinema house will be of great console to you as a tourist.  The cost at the cinema is also a few bucks and you will enjoy every bit of it to the full. If you can,. Visit Budapest during the international film festival in the spring, and you will get to tour the world in movies at the cinemas all around the city.


  1. Venture outside the city center.

You will feel wonderful if you were to wonder outside the District V core. Although Budapest is a wonderful city itself, and tourists enjoy themselves greatly within the city, but the idea of venturing outside the city will leave you in awe with the discount you will get on food prices especially. You can visit District II to see some of the beautiful outdoors, District XIII which is far more different than any other district there is. District VIII is filled with splendid architecture and even young spaces and, District III which is the home of oldest histories. You can be sure the prices are dirt cheap to visit these districts outside the city and enjoy a great deal of fun.


  1. Walk or use public transportation.

Budapest has a complete underground metro, trolleys, river taxis, day and night buses, trams and even suburban railway system. As a tourist, you will get to enjoy one of the oldest metro systems in all of Europe. The public transportation system in Budapest snakes through the entire city and there is nowhere you want to get to that the public transportation cannot get you. You only need $20 for one week, $17 for 3 days and $7 for a day to use all of the public transport systems available in Budapest. A Budapest card can also be purchased that covers all transport system as well as Thermal baths and over ten museums. All of these make the Budapest tour cheap. Well, you can even take a walk through the city if you feel like, and mind you, that will cost you nothing.

  1. Hop-on Hop-off bus tour

There are 24 hour and 48 hour tickets for the hop-on hop-off bus tour in Budapest. The bus tour offers 35 major stops with a 1 hour cruise along the river Danube. The bonus of free goulash and even free beer coupons at restaurants and bars are also available. Attraction sites covered by the hop-on hop-off bus tour in Budapest include and not limited to: Buda Castle, The chain bridge, The Hungarian Parliament Building, The Citadel and Jewish Synagogue, Széchenyi István tér, The Hungarian State Opera House, St Stephen’s Basilica, Fovam Square and a host of them. Click here for Budapest bus tours comparison. For more attraction sites within the city of Budapest, click here for the Budapest Tourist attractions map.



Are you visiting Florence First Time? Read our 7 Tips to save time and Money

If you are visiting Italy for the first time, then you should about standing on the streets of Florence with your bare feet. Not only is this great city the capital of art in the world, it is also one of the most popular cities in Italy among tourists. As much as Florence is historical, it is also modern, with great shopping malls, nice streets, great towers to climb and a lot more fun sightseeing.  You will totally love you tour t Florence but you need to learn to save money else you may end up spending way above your budget for the visit.

This article will do justice to what you can expect to see in Florence and how best to save time and money and still have the fun of your life touring the gorgeous city. You will need the Florence Tourist attractions map to sail through the city seamlessly.

  1. You must visit Duomo

The Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore, also known as the Duomo, is the most famous site of attraction in all of Florence. The cathedral is a complex building consisting of the Brunelleschi’s Dome, the nave, Giotto’s Bell Tower and the Baptistery.

The Brunelleschi’s Dome ha s a total of 463 steps to the top of it and you get to see the interior walls of the Duomo while you climb the steps up, covered with paintings of the judgment day picturing heaven and hell. When you atop the dome, you can see the whole of Florence in a 360 degree view, a wonderful sight to behold.

From the top of the Dome, enjoy one of the best views of Florence. Nowadays, you need make reservation in advance to be able to climb the Brunelleschi’s Dome because you need a time slot as a pass and these time slots sells out days before the climbing starts.

  1. The Baptistery

Standing in Piazza del Duomo just opposite the Duomo, the Baptistery remains one of the oldest buildings in the city of Florence. The interior of the baptistery is covered in beautiful mosaic while the main external giant bronze door is made from a mixture of art and architecture because it is covered from top to bottom in sculptures.

  1. Get to the top of Giotto’s Bell Tower

The Campanile, also called the Giotto’s Bell Tower is a tower attached to the Duomo with a 414 steps stretching to the top of the tower. At the very top of the tower, you will be able to see the whole of Florence from the top and even look down on the Dome itself. If you have the Firenze card, this tower is included in it.

  1. Uffizi Museum

From the windows upstairs in the Uffizi, you will get to see the Ponte Vecchio. The gallery of Uffizi contains art work from the great artists of old, the great Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Botticelli and the likes of them. You will get to see art works from ancient history here. To save your time because of the long queue at the Uffizi, you should reserve your ticket in advance before time by booking online or get a Firenze card. It costs €20 between March 1st and October 31st while between November 1st and February 28th, it costs just €12.

  1. Shop at the Mercato Centrale and San Lorenzo market

If you want to get good leather, souvenirs, pottery and the likes, you need to visit the San Lorenzo market. It is an open market for all and sundry. Enter the Mercato Centrale to pick up grocery for lunch, within its small shops. Want to visit more shops and markets in Florence? Click here

  1. Get accommodation at Hotel Ungherese.

It’s a 2 star hotel located 1km from the centre of the city of Florence. From the hotel to the main attraction sites is a 25 minutes walk or 10 minutes by bus. This is the cheapest hotel in Florence and it is decent

  1. Hop-on Hop-off bus tour

The Hop-on hop-off buses in the city of Florence has 30 stops covering the main attraction sites within the city. Departure is frequent and as such you will not waste your valuable time waiting for bus to arrive or leave. You can choose between a 24 hour bus tour, 48 hours and even 72 hour bus tour.

The bus tour starts at the S. M. Novella Railway Station in Florence. You can hop-off at Piazzale Michelangelo to enjoy a great panorama of the city and hop back on when done with the sightseeing. You also need to know that this hop-on hop-off bus ticket gives you the opportunity to skip the long queues at the Accademia Gallery. You can click here for Florence bus tours comparison and select which of these bus tours is best for you.


Are you visiting Dubai First Time? Read our 5 Tips to Save time and Money

Dubai is one city of the world that earns most of its income from tourism. The city is a great place to when it comes to tourism, and with the expo 2020 allocated to Dubai as a host, the whole world is turning to the beautiful city for the grand vacation. The hot weather and harsh dust ought to chase away visitors from the city, but the government of Dubai has resolved to soften the heart of tourists by providing a lot of “only in Dubai” sights and so, tourists flood into the city. It is said that the Dubai airports are the busiest in the world with airplanes and private jets landing almost every minute of the day. Dubai is a costly city and you have to learn to find your way in the city so the city doesn’t eat deep into your pocket. This article will lead the way and show you how best to save time and money while visiting Dubai city in the United Arab Emirates.

  1. Use the city metro

If you are on a tight budget or you want to save money on your visit to Dubai, then you need to always make use of the Dubai city Metro service. The Metro serves all the commercial part of Dubai city and currently runs two lines only because it is still under construction. The Dubai metro card is available for just 25 AED and this is around $8. This can be used for almost 4 days although the fact is dependent on how far you travel within the city. This by far cheaper than taking a cab that can cost between 1000 AED or more for the 4 days.

  1. Use the internet not a guide

Dubai is a connected city. Funny as it were, an area in Dubai city is named Internet city. As a tourist, you can get by in Dubai city all by yourself if you have an internet enabled device with a GPS and or Google map. Using a guide in the city will cost you more than you bargain for, but the internet is free, of course, outside the cost of connection and data charges. With a guide, you will only get to go and visit where the guide wants you to, but all by yourself, you are free to explore anyway, anyhow. . Be free to

  1. Accommodation

Burj-Al-Arab is a fantasy hotel for everyone that visit Dubai but most of us cannot truly afford a night in it. In Dubai, Hotel is hotel, whether it is 5 star, 3 star or no star. The idea behind all of the different hotels is not different only that as the stars increase, you get to enjoy some more royalty alongside it. This is because Dubai city is a hot tourist spot as of now and so, all hotels tend to be as moderately good and serving as possible. Why book an expensive hotel in Dubai where all you do in a day is just sleep at night. Most of your day in Dubai, you will spend outside the hotel room, so save on the accommodation.

  1. Expensive restaurants

The price of food in Dubai, especially for tourists is as high as the Burj Khalifa in fancy restaurants. My candid advice is for you to stay out of fancy restaurants. Take your bites at local cafeterias where you won’t have to break your bank to eat. You get the more local Arabian food at these local cafeterias with culture embedded. If you are travelling on your own, better eat at a local cafeteria, but if you are on a company’s budget, a 5 star restaurant won’t kill a company.

  1. Hop-on Hop-off bus tour

There are 6 routes in the hop-on hop-off bus tour of the Dubai city with 40 convenient stops. You will even get to see the city of lights during the night tour when it is dark. The tickets are1day,  3 days and 7 days tickets. The 3 and 7 days tickets offer you a chance to enter the Dubai Aquarium, Palm Jumeirah Cruise. Click here for Dubai bus tours comparison

Redeem your ticket at the Emirates Mall or the Dubai Mall and you are set on the biggest sightseeing ever. You ticket will also give you the opportunity of:

  1. The night tour
  2. See the Dubai Museum
  3. See the Global Village
  4. Take the Dhow Cruise
  5. The Flying Cup
  6. 1hr Palm Jumeirah Cruise
  7. Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo

You can can view more attraction sites in Dubai by using the  Dubai Tourist attractions map.



Imran Khan Says Pakistan Will Release Indian Pilot, Seizing Publicity in Showdown

NEW DELHI — Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan announced on Thursday that his country would be releasing a captured pilot from India after days of military conflict, offering a way out of the crisis and seeking to position Pakistan as the cooler head in a confrontation that has put the world on edge.

“In our desire of peace, I announce that tomorrow, and as a first step to open negotiations, Pakistan will be releasing the Indian Air Force officer in our custody,” Mr. Khan said.

After hours of relative lull throughout Thursday, the gesture appeared to be a face-saving opening for both countries to head off a war. But Indian officials were guarded, saying that the pilot’s release would not necessarily end the crisis, which they said was rooted in Pakistan’s support of terrorist groups that strike at India.

The days before had brought both nations to the brink. On Tuesday, Indian warplanes dropped bombs inside Pakistan — it is not clear what they hit — and Pakistan shot down at least one Indian fighter jet on Wednesday. Tens of thousands of troops have been rushed to the countries’ border, heavy artillery barrages and gunfire have been volleyed across it, and tank columns have been chugging into place for what many feared could turn into a full-blown war.


Both nations wield nuclear weapons, and China, the United States, Britain and many other countries have been urging them to step away from conflict, which began after a suicide bomber killed more than 40 Indian paramilitary troops in the disputed region of Kashmir on Feb. 14. India accuses Pakistan of aiding in the attack, which was claimed by the terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammed, but Pakistan has denied it.

At a news conference after his summit meeting in Vietnam on Thursday, President Trump said that there was “reasonably decent” news coming from India and Pakistan and “hopefully it’s going to be coming to an end.”

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From the beginning of the showdown, Pakistan’s military publicity wing has demonstrated a knack for dominating the narrative. In particular, the almost immediate official circulation of videos that appeared to show the Indian pilot being first protected from a mob by Pakistani forces, and then remarking on how well he was being treated (“The tea is fantastic!” he said in one clip), became a virally blooming propaganda coup on social media.

But on Thursday, Indian officials insisted that was part of the problem — and made a point of noting that displaying prisoners for propaganda purposes violates the Geneva Conventions.

They suggested that Mr. Khan’s move was an empty ploy that ignored the real problem between the two countries. A senior Indian official told reporters in New Delhi that even if the captured pilot were returned home, there would be no chance “to go back to zero” and ease tensions unless Pakistan acted against terrorist groups that it has traditionally used as proxies against India

Train Sim 2019

Train Sim 2019

Train Simulator 2019 is the new train driving simulator for 2019 which has improved the operating of a train and made it very realistic and fun. It has new and better trains which can drive at really good speeds. Station simulation simulation has also improved and there is a better response from the passenger boarding the train. New train engines for you drive to beautiful destinations like Paris and Rome. Explore and find new area and make sure the passengers reach their destination on time. Become the best train driver and discover Europe through Train Simulator 2019.

Game Features:
1) New Trains
2) New Environment
3) Challenging Levels
4) Immersive Game-play

Hidden Hotel

Hidden Hotel

Do you like mysterious puzzles and the process of hidden objects finding? What about renovating an old hotel?

Incredibly involving and mysterious story of a strange old hotel will take you through unforgettable gaming journey. Just search and reveal hidden objects inside weird and dark hotel rooms. Finding required objects let you solve the mystery of the strange hotel.

As a successor of the former hotel host you will be able to master a new design by choosing your signature style for hotel interiors’ renovation. You can create your own style by using skins of various designs – Modern, Classics or 70’s. Hundreds of changeable colorful designs are available on each location.

Everyday eleven unforgettable tasks are awaiting for you. With each passing day in the game you’ll be closer to the true story of strange incidents with hotel guests.

An old stranger’s bag is the key to the hotel secrets!

Main features:

● Incredible cinematic storyline
● Brand new combination of hidden object and renovation hotel
● Hundreds of designable interiors
● Unique boosters and power-ups
● Funny characters to your pleasure
● Wide range of hidden objects
● Daily bonuses


Master Features of Ludo Star

Ludo Star

Ludo Star is a new ludo game which is free to play and can be played between friends and family. It is the best game to share the great interests and childhood memories with your friends. Show us if you can master this game.