Advantages & Disadvantages Of Linux Ubuntu 2021

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Linux Ubuntu 2021

Ubuntu is a Linux based operating system which is developed for computers, smartphones and mainly for developers. Ubuntu is completely free to install. This operating system was established by the UK company named canonical LTD in 2004.


Ubuntu is an open-source operating system and is used for the devices that are associated with the internet. Ubuntu has all the key features that were established in the Unix operating system in the 1960s. Moreover, it has a Graphical user interface that can be adjusted as per needs.


This is the most secure OS used by proficient developers. As compared to other operating systems, Ubuntu offers a great user experience in their latest version 5.4, Users do not need any outer technical skills in the latest version of this Linux operating system. 


It is a little unique from the regular windows OS but once you learn how it works then it is an easy and simple operating system for developers. Let’s have a look at several pros and cons of Ubuntu OS.


Pros and Cons Of Ubuntu Operating System

Here you will get detailed Advantages And Disadvantages of the Ubuntu Linux Operating System. 


Do Not Require Antivirus Software 

This is the major advantage of Ubuntu Os in that it provides better security provision compared to other operating systems such as Windows and OS X. In Windows, it has the major drawback that it can be easily infected with a virus which can weaken its working. 


Also, The data present on the system is easily weakened by the impact of these viruses and even antivirus software has included loopholes while uncovering and eroding them off. In this regard, Ubuntu is a secure operating system as it is free from the infestation of viruses or corrosion of data.


Easy Updates

Multiple developers use this operating system because of its quick and easy update system.  This is another major advantage of Ubuntu. Whenever you get notice of major updates it will do automatically on your device without any interruption of other running applications. 


This is an easy and quick process. Software updates include bug fixes and additional features. Fonts, themes, and the background can be improved after a software update. In short, performance and function get better after the update. Hence the development of Ubuntu has been remarkable in the last few years.



Among all Linux based operating systems, Ubuntu is the most popular and likeable among developers. The creativity that was used in its creation and is still displayed in its updates makes it most popular for users. For projects also, programmers use this operating system.


Many users discover that Ubuntu is the very first operating system that can operate a program without generating many errors. With their regular updates, this operating system keeps on boosting its performance.



Ubuntu operating system is compatible with many software and devices. In windows also, the applications which we use are compatible with ubuntu. Various software such as Wine, Crossover etc is compatible with this operating system. 


This OS is compatible with other different operating systems. Hence people who are used to windows do not find many differences and work smoothly with ubuntu.


Inbuilt Software

The main software that a programmer or developer requires is already pre-installed in ubuntu. In Windows, users have to download most of the software but in this OS various software are inbuilt for users. Software like firefox, thunderbird, VLC media player, GIMP, ClamAV etc is pre-installed software in ubuntu. These are useful software that saves a lot of time for users.


Cons Of Ubuntu Operating System

Limited Support

If the user faces any problem in Ubuntu, the only method to solve your problem is the forum. Users have to keep an eye if there is an answer to your query. It usually takes two to three months to answer the questions which are undoubtedly a late response. while other operating systems including Windows and Microsoft you can get a response in just a few days.


Not Appropriate For Gaming

This is the major disadvantage of this operating system, users are unable to operate any latest game in the Ubuntu operating system. You have to install other external software such as Wine or an emulator for playing games on ubuntu. 


The graphics that are provided by windows are not available in ubuntu OS. Hence ubuntu has extremely bad support for gaming for its if you are more prone to games avoid Ubuntu operating system.


Difficulty In MP3 Format

This is another major issue with ubuntu. If users want to listen to music, they have to convert their file to some other format that can be supported by ubuntu. If you are a hobbyist in video developing or editing you may find it difficult as this operating system is not suitable for this. The Windows operating system does not need external codes to edit a video. So users may face an issue with mp3 format in ubuntu.


Problem With Hardware 

Many developers have an issue regarding Ubuntu’s Hardware compatibility. Numerous computers or devices that are produced in the market take into account the compatibility with the Windows OS. 


This creates an issue while installing Ubuntu, users have to search whether their hardware is supported by ubuntu OS. For example, some laptops like Dell do not support the ubuntu operating system. Due to this Hardware issue, users have found trouble in fixing their sound card which is preexisted. 


Inadequacy Of Software

Even though Ubuntu provides basic software for users, there is some other software that is not available in ubuntu. Software like MS Word,  Excel etc is not available in Ubuntu OS. However, possibilities prevail to find functionally similar familiar software in ubuntu.