Cashback in casinos

Cashback in casinos

What is Casino Cashback?

Casino cashback is a form of reward to players after meeting some requirements. In other words, it is a promotional offer to you as a player. The reward is mostly in the form of a bonus, which you claim against a certain deposit at an online casino. The type of cashback depends on the casino you’re playing at. If you are not satisfied with a casino’s cashback, you can try out a different casino to enjoy its cashback offers.

In most cases, casinos offer cashbacks of around 20% of your total deposit amount and don’t normally go past $200. Cashbacks are also a great way to keep players playing without having them withdraw funds from the casino.

Who can use cashback in casinos?

Cashback in casinos is available to all players, however, every promotional offer has its target audience. For players to qualify for a cashback, he or she has to meet the requirements for that specific cashback as designed by the casino.

There are different types of casinos and each has its own type of cashback promotion. There are those that will compensate you for continued losses, and they will give you cashback depending on the amount of money lost.

On the other hand, sometimes cashback is only available for certain games. So, before you select your favorite games, check whether it offers you cashback possibilities. It is a good idea to go for a game that has cashback bonuses added. Don’t forget VIP players will be entitled to better cashback.

Why do casinos offer cashback?

As a player, you need to feel more secure at the casino of your choice and this is where cashback comes in. It is meant to make you feel more secure in that you will have something to fall back on if things go wrong. The cashback you won will help you continue playing and if you are lucky enough, you may recover some of your losses.

If your casino offers you cashback, take it as a reward. You can use it to play again and make big wins. Online casinos use cashback to attract more players. You should go for a casino that offers more cashback to use to your advantage. For the best online casinos offering cashback check here!

Types of cashback in casinos

Each casino has its own way of offering its clients cashback. For example, cashback can be a percentage of your deposit at a casino. In other cases, it can be based on the losses you have suffered. The type of cashback depends mostly on the online casino you are at. You will encounter all sorts of cashback bonuses online. Let’s look at some types of cashback below.

  • Real Money Cashback

This is the type of cashback you should be looking for. This is real money that you can withdraw for your use. Although the percentage of this refund is generally low, you will sometimes receive 20% cashback. With real money cashback, you don’t have any wagering requirements to meet. In some casinos, you will have the cashback on a daily, weekly, or on monthly basis. You should be familiar with your casino so that you are on the track with when to use your cashback bonus. In the case of real money cashback for lost games, make sure it applies to the games you are playing and not just a selection of games.

  • Bonus Money Cashback

This is another type of cashback available in casinos. This is different from real money cashback in that, it gives you the portion of your lost money in bonus form. All bonus funds come with wagering requirements. This type of cashback has lower wagering requirements. In some cases, you are just required to play once.

Although there are some casinos with higher wagering requirements, this happens on rare occasions. It is your responsibility to find the best cashback offer for you budget and timeframe.

  • Bet-Based Cashback

This type of cashback has close similarities to loyalty points received in a casino, and it is based on the number of bets you place. The only difference is that cashback bonuses are mostly in cash while loyalty points have conversion rates.

Bet-based cashback bonuses are also generally smaller than other cashbacks. You will receive bonus money which is usually less than 1% of your bet placed. This is far too low as compared to cash-based cashback.

What is a cashback system?

A cashback system is an exceptional incentive program is in place in many, if not all, online casinos. It is a way of both making players feel valued and keeping them playing at a casino. Loyal players get cashbacks on a weekly or monthly basis. The cashback will vary depending on the site, offer and player involved. If you are not sure where to look for the best cashback bonuses and offers, or at a loss of which casino offers the promotions which suit your gaming interests, look no further than — this site offers the best cashback on the web.

Do cashback bonuses have rules?

Yes. Cashback bonuses have rules that need to be met before players can receive them. There are terms and conditions for all types of bonuses, and you are supposed to read all the terms carefully before raising claims for bonuses. Also, you need to reach the wagering amount to qualify for a cashback. Again, you should check clearly what the casino games earn in the cashback offer because some games such as blackjack can’t be played using cashback bonuses.

You will get all the information you need on the terms and conditions page. Each operator has its rules available for players.


We have discussed the types of cashback in online casinos. You now know that any time you use your card in an online casino you earn a bonus in the form of a cashback. The amount you earn will depend on the amount of money that you have to spend. The more you play, the more you earn and the cashback is credited to your statement. Other cards will send the amount you have earned to your bank account. You can either use the money or convert it into a voucher or points if you wish.