Casino Strategies for Sic Bo

Casino Strategies for Sic Bo

Gambling has been big business for many thousands of years, before even the first casino was established back in 17th century Venice. In fact, although this was the first actual legitimised casino establishment in the world, it certainly wasn’t the first gambling house, and there were many of these throughout history where the owners would make a ton of money. The problem with these early gambling houses was that they weren’t 100% legitimate, and could therefore end up scamming unsuspecting gamblers, or refusing to pay out – try Fluffy Favourites Casino sites.

Regardless, gambling has been an incredibly popular human past-time for thousands of years, and one of the earliest games making this happen was called Sic Bo. This is an oriental gambling game that has been popular for a very long time, but has only just started to become visible in the mainstream casino world. Keep reading for an overview on what Sic Bo is, as well as some popular casino strategies to help you win at Sic Bo as much as possible. 

Sic Bo: What is it? 

Right then, first and foremost, what is Sic Bo? We really wouldn’t blame you for not knowing what Sic Bo is, mainly because it is a game that is by far the most popular in China, and doesn’t really get played too much anywhere else. Along with craps Sic Bo is the only other casino table game to use dice, this time using 3 of them! 

The basic mechanics behind Sic Bo are quite simple, using the same kind of framework as other games like roulette and craps. Players place bets on a bet table, and then wait to see what the outcome of the dice throw will be. Where Sic Bo gets complicated, however, is with the bet table itself, as it has quite a few different options. 

The best casino strategies for Sic Bo 

That’s a very basic explanation of what exactly Sic Bo is, but what you are all probably waiting for is some of the best casino strategies for Sic Bo. Use some of these top tips to make sure you win at Sic Bo as much as possible: 

  •         Don’t place too many different bets: The Sic Bo bet table is pretty complex, and this naturally means that players can get tempted into making lots of different bets. We would definitely recommend against this, as it will make it a lot easier for you to burn through your bankroll.
  •         Use the big and small areas the most: The big and small bet areas give you the best odds of hitting a win, so make sure you place bets on these areas more than the others.

Other casino table games to check out 

Sic Bo is great fun and can also result in some pretty large casino gambling wins, but it isn’t the only game around these days. In fact, the modern casino world is absolutely packed with quality games to play, here are a few other casino table games to check out:

  •         Roulette
  •         Craps
  •         Blackjack