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Beautiful Places

The Most Picturesque And Colorful Places To Visit This November

All the places around the world have something special to be seen at any time of the year. However, there are some places that...

12 of the most spectacular footbridges around the world

1/14 Spain's stunning Caminito del Rey (King's Little Path) features a...

The 10 most beautiful places in the world

They're breathtaking, they're jaw dropping, they're top of the list of places you really must see before you die. Mojo.com has selected the top...

20 of the world’s most amazing bridges

TwitterEmail (CNN) — The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco took four years to build, costing $35 million and finally opened in 1937. It has...

3 Most Impressive Bridges that we Never Built

Bridges, huh? The concept is so simple: a platform to get from one place to another. Yet these structures have a beauty that goes...

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