CBD Coupons: How to Reap the Benefits of CBD and Save Money at the Same Time

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The use of CBD oil is on the rise. In fact, one in seven Americans use CBD products on a regular basis.

But its rise in popularity does have its downsides. A big one is that the increased demand for CBD has allowed manufacturers to up its retail price. This year alone, Americans will spend over $800 million on CBD products.

And not everyone can afford these new, high prices. So how can you get your hands of CBD without breaking the bank?

Well, this is where a CBD coupon could help! Read on to find out just how to cut your CBD costs.

What Is CBD?

CBD, otherwise known as cannabidiol, comes from the plant hemp. This is a member of a marijuana family.

But unlike marijuana, CBD is legal throughout the US. It is extracted from the hemp plant and used in medical marijuana or other oils and lotions. The extraction process means that CBD doesn’t get users “high”.

As a result, people enjoy the health benefits of CBD without any negative side effects. So let’s take a look at some of these.

Benefits of Using CBD

There are plenty of benefits to using CBD. While many view it as a holistic approach to well-being, people use it to treat a huge variety of conditions. This includes using it to:

  • Reduce stress and find peace
  • Reduce the effects of anxiety, such as an elevated heart rate
  • Manage the symptoms of PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Deal with insomnia
  • Manage seizures
  • Combat the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease
  • Alleviate the symptoms of a stroke
  • Reduce chronic pain, arthritic pain or pain from MS
  • Manage pain from spinal injuries
  • Relieve the symptoms of cancer
  • Treat acne

But CBD is only useful if you can afford it. So how much does it cost?

How Much Does CBD Cost?

CBD products vary in price depending on what type of CBD you’re buying.

CBD that you can vape, for example, is one of the cheapest CBD products around at roughly $50. After that, you have tinctures and CBD capsules. Generally, CBD lotions are the most expensive at around $70.

But to figure out how much you’re paying for your CBD you also have to look at the amount of CBD in each product. This will usually be shown in milligrams.

Some companies cost their products per milligram of CBD. This helps you to compare products and find the best price around. And some companies offer CBD discount deals, which are worth looking out for.

But generally, the price of CBD products is rising. So let’s take a look at some of the ways you can keep the cost of your CBD as low as possible.

Choose an Efficient Way to Absorb CBD

When choosing a CBD product you should always take price into consideration. But the up-front price of a product won’t always tell you about its proper value.

This is because different CBD products offer different rates of CBD absorption. So paying a high price for a lot of CBD content is only worthwhile if you will absorb plenty of this. Otherwise, you’re wasting money on CBD that you don’t benefit from.

Vaping is the most effective way to get CBD in your system. It lets you absorb 40% of the total CBD content in a product and does this within a couple of minutes.

But vaping comes with an element of risk. Because vaping is a relatively new technology there is little research into the short and long-term side effects of it. Until we know more about vaping it might be worth avoiding it altogether.

In comparison, tinctures are tried and tested and let you absorb 35% of the CBD content in a product. Simply place a drop of oil under your tongue and let your body absorb it. You’ll reap the benefits within five to ten minutes.

Edibles or capsules offer you a significantly lower rate of absorption. You’ll get an average of 10% of these products. And they’re usually more expensive to start out meaning they’re worse value for money.

Finally, lotions and creams are great for localized pain. But their absorption rate is so low that you shouldn’t use them if you want to enjoy any of CBD’s other benefits.

Don’t Use More Than You Need

When it comes to CBD tinctures, a little goes a long way.

You only need to use a few drops of oil or a few dabs of lotion. You can’t overdose on CBD so you don’t need to worry about that. But using large amounts of CBD won’t increase its benefits and you’ll end up spending a lot of money.

When deciding how much to use, take into consideration the amount of CBD along with the absorption rate of your chosen product.

Buy in Bulk

Like with most purchases, buying in bulk will often save you some money. So don’t shy away from this, especially if you know that CBD works for you.

CBD oil has a shelf life of around two years, meaning you can really stock up! Just make sure that you store your CBD properly using these guidelines:

  • Store it out of direct sunlight.
  • Keep it in a cool, dry environment.
  • Keep it sealed or try to avoid exposing it to fresh air.
  • Don’t contaminate it using multiple different pipets.
  • Make sure it is always upright.

Making a bulk order might also save you some shipping costs so keep an eye out for CBD coupon codes that apply to your order.

Use a CBD Coupon

Speaking of coupons for CBD, you should also keep an eye out for these.

New companies often offer CBD codes to drum up new business. Or established companies might offer a CBD promo code to first-time buyers. There are several places you can look to find CBD codes.

A lot of companies advertise codes on their website homepages, but make sure you dig a little deeper to find all the deals. These might be hidden on an individual offers page. Make a note of any codes before you hit the check out because not all sites will automatically apply them!

You might also find promos and deals on a company’s social media page. They often share these in posts to bring in new customers so they’re a great place to look.

Follow their pages in order to stay up to date on the newest deals. And make sure to read all the small print before trying to put an order through!

You can save yourself time hunting down discounts by checking out promo codes websites. These websites are entirely devoted to helping you find the right promo code for your order. And they’ll show you the best deals around.

If you come across a great promo then it’s a good idea to make the most of it as soon as possible. Often coupons have a use-by date on them so don’t let a good deal go to waste!

Find Out If You’re Eligible for Assistance

Some people are eligible for help paying for their CBD products. This is because they have specific needs which entitle them to CBD discounts.

For example, people undergoing chemotherapy might get a discount on certain CBD products. This is because they can help to alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy treatment.

Veterans are also sometimes entitled to a discount. This is because they have an increased risk of suffering from anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder. CBD can help relieve the symptoms of both of these conditions.

Some companies also offer means-tested assistance. This helps people from low-income households to access CBD products.

Not all companies offer this type of assistance but you may be able to apply for a discount online. Or get in touch with a specific company to find out more. It’s always worth asking, just in case!

Shop Around

Unlike some other medications, the price of CBD products is not regulated. So you may want to shop around for the best price.

To figure this out, look at the price per milligram of product. This can vary greatly depending on where you shop.

At the cheapest end of the scale, you’ll probably end up paying around five cents per milligram. But some companies will charge up to twenty cents per milligram!

To decide if the price is worth it, remember to look at this against the absorption rate of the product. For example, let’s say a company that charges sixteen cents per milligram of CBD and offers a 40% absorption rate. That works out at forty-two cents per milligram absorbed.

The lower the absorption rate, the more you’ll pay per milligram.

Get Shopping!

If you’re looking for the best price of CBD around then keep these rules in mind. Remember to figure out the price per milligram absorbed to work out the true value of a product and compare companies. And always check to see if you can use a CBD coupon for your order!

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