Dirty Bingo Calls That People Still Employ

Dirty Bingo Calls That People Still Employ

There is something profoundly hilarious about your grandma finding the inuendo and dirty jokes at bingo funny. You may think you know more than the oldies but they have lived longer that us and they have a lot more experience so the dirty jokes may go over your head, but they certainly get them.

Not only do the dirty jokes make old gran laugh, but they also make the whole ordeal of bingo a lot of fun. From the caller shouting out something rude to the audience replying, bingo is all about those hilariously filthy calls, so we are here to let you get to know the funniest dirty bingo calls that are still being chucked around the hall to this day at https://www.barbadosbingo.com.

The Dirtiest Bing Calls

We are going old school now, there will be no woke bingo here just the classic bingo calls, and the dirtiest of them to be precise. Here is our top list:

  1.       Dirty Gertie, Number 30
  2.       Down on your Knees, 43
  3.       Droopy Drawers, 44
  4.       Grandma’s Getting Frisky, Number 60
  5.       69, a Meal for Two
  6.       76, Was she Worth it?
  7.       Stop Farting! Number 83
  8.       Two Fat Ladies, 88!

You may have heard some of these key bingo phrases and some might have gone amiss, but we are here to let you know their origins and what they mean just in case you didn’t catch a couple of the dirty ones.

The Meanings Behind The Dirtiest Bingo Calls

  1.       Dirty Gertie – Gertie was the leading character of a 1946 film names Dirty Gertie from Harlem U.S.A. where she went around the Caribbean Islands performing her late night dances and humiliating men, very apt for number 30!
  2.       Down on your knees – We can only speculate that this is because it rhymes with the number 43, but those of you with the dirtier of minds will know exactly what this means, and it is not pretty!
  3.       Droopy Drawers – Ever had a pair, or currently has some? Well there is a number just for you, 44.
  4.       Grandma is getting frisky – Just like 43, Down on your Knees, we know that grandma is getting frisky because it rhymes with 60. However, we hope for your sake that the two rhymes are not related to each other!
  5.       A meal for two – If you know what 69 means then you can make this link, but you may want to sit down first.
  6.       Was she worth it? – A strange one this, but a marriage certificate before decimalization in England cost 7/6p. The crowd are supposed to respond ‘Every penny!’.
  7.       Stop Farting! – A strange one, but apparently the 8 looks represents a bottom and the 3 is the fart, don’t blame us, we didn’t choose it!
  8.       Two fat ladies – This one goes without saying, and if you need it saying then please just take a closer look at those bulbus numbers.