Do online slots really pay?

Do online slots really pay?

There are many reasons that people love to play online slots – there’s the huge variety of exciting themes, the amazing gameplay mechanisms, and the relaxing social element. However, one of the main reasons people play online slots is for the massive jackpots. This raises the question – do online slots at Giant Wins really pay? That’s a very sensible question to ask, and we’ve got answers. Read on to find out more! We’re going to be looking at:

          Whether online slots really pay

          Laws and regulations

          Biggest online slot wins

So, do they?

We’re happy to inform you that online slots really do pay, and frequently at that! Each slot game will have a variety of opportunities to win, with many symbol combinations resulting in small wins, and a few that will payout massive jackpots! Some people claim that certain online slots don’t pay, but as long as you are playing on a legitimate site, this simply is not the case. The reason for this is that all legitimate online slots are regulated in the UK by the UK Gambling Commission and withholding cash that a player has rightfully won would be a massive breach of regulatory laws. So, you can continue playing slots with the comfort that knowing that it will pay eventually. However, how do you know which slots pay most frequently, and what are the biggest online slot payouts that you can expect? Great questions – let’s take a look!

Biggest Slot Payouts

Now that you know that slots really do pay, you’re going to want to optimize your chances of winning a huge jackpot. So, how do you do that? One of the best ways to increase your chances of winning is to pick an online slot that has a high RTP – this stands for ‘Return to Player’ and represents the average amount of cash returned to the player across 100 spins. Slots with high RTPs will generally have the most consistent payouts, so that’s something to look out for! It’s also a great idea to choose slot games that have huge jackpots, and excellent track records for paying them out. We did a quick bit of research and found these three slots that have a history for record breaking jackpots:

        The online slot Mega Moolah has a max win of x11,250 of your initial bet, and this once resulted in a British player being paid an enormous $11.6 million jackpot!

        In 2011, a Norwegian player won a whopping $17.3 million on NetEnt’s Arabian Knights – wowzers!

        One poker player from Finland one a breath-taking $24 million on Mega Fortune – now that’s a slot to look out for!

Final Thoughts

We hope you’ve learned a lot throughout this article – online slots will always pay eventually, but you will have to be very lucky to hit that ultimate jackpot! However, you can optimise your chances of receiving a big payout by finding a game with a high RTP and history for massive payouts. Well, what are you waiting for? Get online, do some research, and see if you can win the next mega jackpot!