free games on the phone

free games on the phone
Almost no one is playing Netflix games
Netflix’s extra perks and benefits for subscribers weren’t supposed to be an immediate success, but the fact that almost no one is playing the free mobile games the service is offering might be a problem. Introduced late last year after several months of testing, Netflix’s catalog of mobile games is expanded every month with new titles.

In fact, Netflix recently revealed plans to add about 50 more titles to its library of games by the end of the year, so the company seems to be committed to pushing into the video games market. The problem is people either don’t know that they can play mobile games for free if they are subscribed to the service, or they simply don’t like playing games.

CNBC reports that the mobile games Netflix now offers for free have been downloaded a total of 23.3 million times and average just 1.7 million daily users, according to Apptopia, an app analytics company. The number might suggest that we’ve been harsh saying that “almost no one” is playing Netflix games, but here is the bigger picture.

Netflix has more than 220 million paying customers worldwide, which means that not even 1% of its subscribers are playing mobile games. On the bright side, Netflix did not expect major results from the get-go, as the company plans to experiment with many formats until it finds the right formula. This could take years not months, although what it achieved until now is a bit disappointing.

Currently, Netflix offers about two dozen free mobile games to its subscribers, most of them coming from well-known studios. The games can be downloaded directly from the Netflix mobile app, or you can search them in their app stores by their names. You’ll still have to log in to your Netflix account though.