Gaming sector growth continues through lockdown

Gaming sector growth continues through lockdown

The lockdowns are continuing to be enforced around the world, which means a vast number of restrictions upon the general public. It means we are all now having to spend extended periods of time within our own homes and are being told to stay inside. It means that life has changed as we know it and it is simply a waiting game, for when we can finally return to some form of normality.

With the lockdowns enforced it has led to a number of different industries seeing great success and one example is within the gaming sector. It has continued to see a surge in the number of players and there is no doubt that lockdowns have helped with this. Gaming has been growing for many years now and the lockdowns have accelerated this further, to what is now one of the fastest growing industries in the world, with some fairly remarkable predictions being put forward for the future of the gaming industry.

We are now seeing the success and growth across all different sectors of the gaming industry. From console gaming, to mobile gaming and even now online casinos. At casinosnotongamstop, they have been seeing this also, with a surge in the number of players throughout these lockdowns, for popular games such as slots, roulette, blackjack and many other table and card games. These have provided a great means of online entertainment for people at home and will continue to do so.

As mentioned, console gaming has also been on the rise over recent times. Last year was a key example of this, with the lockdowns adding to some recent releases from both PlayStation and Xbox. Each of them is the leaders in the industry and both releases next generation consoles to the market, which have been predicted to take gaming to the next level and provide an enhanced experience to players. 

Finally, the key area that is really taking gaming to these remarkable heights is mobile gaming. It is increasing at some staggering rates and now holds well over 60% of the overall gaming revenue and this is only increasing year on year. It is set to completely take over, as it also gets a new demographic into gaming. It is all about the casual gamer, but they hold a much bigger share these days.

These are all examples of the growth of gaming and the lockdowns have only enhanced this further.

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