Hot Hotel Game Room Ideas

Hot Hotel Game Room Ideas

If you want more guests and patrons, your hotel or resort needs to be remembered as much as the rest of the trip. A hot hotel game room is a great way to deepen the experience of your guests and keep them coming back for more.

A Hotel Game Room and Pub with Billiards Table

A hotel game room and pub. Picture, under CC0 License via Pixa Bay.

Here are some options to take your hotel game room to the next level:


Snacks and Drinks

Food and drinks draw in people who want to relax and convinces them to stay. Without some snacks and drinks to fill their appetites, your hotel game room will be empty most of the time.

  • Mix and match snack combos: A selection of snacks like chocolate bars, Chex Mix, and chips and salsa. Have options for large “a la carte” helpings, or sample trays.
  • Have a snack tab: Much like a bar tab, so guests can pick and choose what they’d like without having to miss too much game time.
  • Snack tokens: Similar to a bar tab, have customers purchase snack tokens when they come in. They can redeem them for different snacks as they play. Also good options for friendly poker game wagers.
  • Drink bar: Your drink bar should have both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Martinis, mimosas, cocktails, hot chocolate, and chocolate milk are all great choices. Keep the alcoholic beverages below the bar.
  • Keep the selections versatile, so your patrons don’t get bored of their options and families don’t feel like they’re taking their children to a full bar.

Table Games

  • Billiard Tables: The classic billiard table is at the heart of any game room. Groups playing around letting off the day’s stress or discussing business ventures are common sights. Definitely one of the essentials.
  • Shuffleboard: The game of shuffleboard has been making a comeback in recent years. Amateurs and professionals of all ages will love competing against one another in this great game of skill.
  • Table Tennis: Table tennis matches are fast-paced and tactically-oriented. Whether you have heightened senses and reflexes, or just in it to try, table tennis is a game everyone can enjoy.
  • Card Game Area: A table made for card games like solitaire or poker draw people in. Gambling may not be permitted, but friendly games between rivals are fun and exciting.
  • Foosball: This fun game is another beloved staple of the best game rooms. Foosball is a fan favorite for younger generations, but older generations will definitely be tempted to relive the nostalgia.
  • Darts: There’s nothing like a game of darts to foster some friendly competition. A test of skill always leads to the most bragging rights.

Arcade Areas

  • Skee Ball: Skee ball lanes are awesome for children of any age. Rolling the balls up the field and trying to get a personal best or beat a friendly rival.
  • Video Games: Electronic arcade games are especially popular options for hotels catering to families. Children and teenagers will love classic arcade machine games like Pac Man, thrilling fighting games like Mortal Kombat, or virtual shooting simulators.
  • Bean Bag Toss: This simple game requires few pieces of equipment, but provides endless amusement. The game’s simplicity lets hotel patrons set their own rules and make up new ways to play.

Make Your Mark

The first step to great reviews and increased popularity is to make your hotel a destination, not just a place to sleep. If you want to attract more guests and patrons, adding in a hotel game room that caters to a variety of different tastes is essential.