How to Get More Likes on Instagram

How to Get More Likes on Instagram

Instagram is a very popular social media site that has over 800 million account holders. The main goal of IG was to provide sharing photos service. But for some users, it has become an instrument for promotion and advertising. In real life, we use currency like dollars but on Instagram, likes are the main currency. And if an account or a post has lots of likes, it attracts the attention of other users.

So how to get more likes on Instagram? Are there any secret techniques or strategies? We would like to share some pointers with the readers.

12 simple rules on how to get more likes

We have prepared simple recommendations everyone can use:

  1. Upload only high-quality photos. This social media has been created so users can upload photos. Use this main instrument wisely. If you are promoting a product, make sure the image has high resolution.
  2. Captions that sell. The content you add with the photo is formed based on your audience preferences. Make the text interesting and engaging.
  3. Call for some action. The post will be almost useless if you do not call the audience to follow the link or to buy the product. But don’t make it too aggressive or overzealous.
  4. What does your average follower want? You would want to please your potential clients. But to do that an account holder must know what they want.
  5. Geo-Location. This simple addition can make a huge difference. People just like when a photo was taken near the place they live or traveled to.
  6. Like and follow other people. This work can be tedious but you should spend some time doing this. The more you give the more will return in the form of followers.
  7. Hashtags. Add hashtags that are related to the subject. Adding unrelated hashtags will result in a significant follower count drop. And you definitely won’t receive likes.
  8. Tag a friend. Try to convince readers to use the «tag a friend» function. This will help to increase traffic and bring more potential likes.
  9. Stories. Use this wonderful feature to create a series of useful and engaging posts. Do not forget to exploit the call for action to attract more likes and comments.
  10. Shoutouts. If you like other channels, you can give a free shoutout for advertising purposes or just to share with your followers a post with a really interesting idea or concept.
  11. Giveaways. Customers and regular users like free stuff. Such bonuses will surely attract followers and likes because they will wait for other giveaways and prizes.
  12. Consistency. It is very important to make a timetable and post regularly. This will help you to achieve better results. Some professional bloggers are convinced that the IG algorithms are inclined to promote accounts that have regular uploads.

And don’t forget to utilize paid promotion. Buy 20 IG likes or more to make a post more attractive for real users. It will surely help a lot and will bring followers.