Learn how to set up Google Drive workspaces

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Google Drive has various benefits. With this service, everyone will be able to send and edit data together in real time.

Apart from knowing more about its various benefits, here is some information about understanding Google Drive.

What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is a service provided by Google that was created to store data online. As an online storage medium, of course Google Drive has a maximum storage limit. Then, what is the maximum capacity of Google Drive? The answer is 15 GB which is not paid, and you can add more if you take the paid service. The requirement to be able to access Google Drive is to have a Gmail account and an internet connection.

After knowing what it means, you certainly need information about the benefits of Google Drive.

– Translate Files

With the collaboration between Google Drive and Google Translate, it will be easier for you to translate files into other languages. After opening the document, then click tools and select the language according to your needs in file translation.

– Edit Shared Files

This is very important for solid long distance teamwork. You, as the owner or creator of the document can click the blue box that says “Share” and then “Edit Settings” when copying the link. It is also possible to reduce risk. You can share and provide editing access to certain emails. Thus, the data can be protected more optimally.

– Back Up Files

Because there is a lot of damage caused by viruses or errors in software and hardware, sometimes data can be lost and cannot be saved. However, don’t worry, because all the data you enter in Google Drive is definitely safe and free from viruses. No wonder, nowadays so many people use Google Drive to store important data.

– Save Links and History

Is there a lot of data that you need from various links? If so, then you can take advantage of Google Drive to maximize storage. A tip for using Google Drive to save links is to click the triangle symbol on the link if your Google Chrome already has Google Drive in existence. Then, if needed you can open it at any time.


– WhatsApp Chat Backup

Currently, Whatsapp has also collaborated with Google Drive to back up chats. Before you delete a chat, there must be times when some data or information is still needed. In order not to lose this information, make regular backups of your chats using Google Drive. The method is quite easy, just by clicking the “Menu” option on Whatsapp. Then, in the menu options you can click “Settings” and “Chat”. Finally, click “Backup Chats” and wait a while until the whole process is complete.

Google Drive provides simple workspaces, something we will discuss in the following paragraphs:

Let’s see how to work with Google Drive workspaces!

Google Drive workspaces are spaces in which you can search for the files you use the most in your day-to-day life. You can create as many spaces as you need, and each one can hold a maximum of 25 files.

It is important to know that a workspace does not copy the file itself, but links to it from its source folder.

What elements do you need for this recipe?

Web navigator.

User account in Google Drive (with a payment plan in Google Workspace).

Steps to follow the recipe:

Step 1: How to create a workspace?

Access Google Drive on your computer or mobile device. In the main menu (located on the left) there is a section called “Priority”, and when we click we see that a section appears below that is “Workspaces”. If you want to create a new workspace, you just have to click on the “Create” button, then we will assign the name we think is convenient, and click on create.

Step 2: How to add items to the workspace?

Once the workspace is created, elements must be added. When we enter the space, in the upper right corner we have an option that is “add files”, if we click, a panel will appear on the right with all the files that we have in Google Drive arranged as we have determined. In this side panel, we select the files that we want to include in our workspace and click on “Insert”. Another option is to right-click on any file on your Drive to add it to a workspace.

Step 3: How to remove items from the workspace?

To delete files from the workspace, right-click on it and then select “Remove from workspace.” Another option is once inside the space, click on the points that appear to the right of the file and the option to remove from the workspace.

Step 4: How to hide a workspace?

The workspace will be hidden but will be accessed at the bottom “Hidden Workspaces”. To hide a workspace, simply click on the down arrow and click on “Hide workspace”.

Step 5: How to delete a workspace?

The workspace will be permanently deleted, but the files or items it contained will remain in their original location in the Drive space. To delete a workspace, simply click on the down arrow and click on “Delete workspace”.

What yield do we get with this recipe?

Workspaces can be useful as they group items and files that have common characteristics or common uses for them. In this way, the user when accessing his Google Drive area can go directly to the workspace he needs at all times because within it will be all the files or elements that he needs to carry out a specific task in his day to day. This without having to navigate through the different folders that you may have in your Drive space. It is a way to group different items for continuous or shared use without having to have everything in a certain folder itself, that is, they are grouped regardless of their default location.

Therefore, something that adds value to the user is the agility provided by the use of workspaces.

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