Quick Checkers: The Crème de la crème of online checkers

Quick Checkers: The Crème de la crème of online checkers

Checkers, also referred to as draughts, is one of the earliest and most adored board games on the planet.

First played in Mesopotamia thousands of years ago according to archaeological records, the game is still as popular to date, so much for its memory recall enhancement as it is for its entertainment purposes.

However, the dawn of the digital ageand subsequent cutting-edge technology has opened up a whole new window of opportunity, with games such as checkers now easier accessible at the press of a button.

One such prime example is Quick Checkers, a free online checkers game available on iOS and Android.

What are some of its features?

Play againstrandom players

Through Quick Checkers, you can test your concentration and problem-solving skills by challenging yourself against random players from various parts of the world.

Are you the ultimate checkers master? Put your skills to the test by playing Quick Checkers!

Supports multiple variations

Since its inception in 3,000 B.C.E, different variations of checkers have developed in different parts of the globe.For instance, Brazilian checkers is predominantly played in Brazil while American Checkers is mainly played in the US and UK.

Quick Checkers not only accommodates various variations, but also has plans to introduce other variations of the game in future.

Play in exotic locations

Through Quick Checkers, users can also gain access to play in popular real worldlocations such as Paris, London, New York, Amsterdam and Rio de Janeiro.

However, one would be required tolevelup in order to gain access.

Competitive ranking system

Players can rate how well they rank against other competitors within their skill level by participating in theDaily League.

The National ranking system further enables them to monitor how the rank compared to other players from their country, while the Global ranking system enables users to know their overall positionon an international scale.

Great graphics

On top of having stunning graphics and a user-friendly interface, Quick Checkershasa convenient in-game chat system which will enables you to communicate with other players.

What advice would one need in order to win atQuick Checkers?

Control the centre and advance in groups

Whereas it may be appealing to start the game by placing your checkers pieces on the edges so as to avoid capture, it isn’t the most efficient of strategies as it restricts your options.

In contrast, the best strategy would be to advance your checkers pieces so as to dominate the centre of the board.

Doing so while advancing en masse will not only compel your opponent to moveto the edges and increase your chances of capturing, but will also provide you with great back upfrom your surrounding checkers pieces.

Conquer the king row/keep your king row intact

Kinged pieces are accorded the privilege of performing additional moves, which is why you should always aspire to get to the king row first.

The more Kings you have, the better your chances of capturing more pieces, and eventually winning the game.

With this in mind, you should also prevent your opponent from getting any of their checkers pieces promoted by keeping your king row intact for as long as you can.

With many thrilling features sets to be added in the coming months,Quick Checkers will undoubtedly become the best online checkers game in the world.