Retro Gaming at the Fingertips

Retro Gaming at the Fingertips

The golden age of retro gaming may be long behind us, and the consoles that inspired our childhood and ignited the imagination of millions may be harder to find and even harder to play – even the games played now may be unrecognizable as so much as crammed in, or even not even as gaming apps have become money grabs with the rise of services like casinos and betting sites not on Gamstop and the growing number of players turning to them as their primary form of entertainment – not all hope is lost though, as nostalgia can be just around the corner for you.

Modern tech is capable of doing some extremely impressive things, but more so than anything shows just how rudimentary early offerings were – the old handheld Gameboys and more dedicated systems like our favourite Nintendo’s were mind blowing, but only required a fraction of what we use today – that has made it easier than ever to recapture some of those early gaming memories.

Emulators have become much more widely available and much lighter weight than the use to be – whilst some used to be a bit of a resource hog many that run titles from the older systems especially run smooth as butter on mobile devices – if you’re looking to recapture some retro Gameboy evenings, you can grab one of the many options from the various app marketplaces with many even coming with a collection of games and start to relive some of those childhood memories – you may even be a little surprised at how well many of them perform, with small tweaks made over the years and fixes to ensure they run fine on modern systems, some will feel much better than they ever did.


Many of these options aren’t even limited to the very retro old feeling systems – even up to modern standards, mobile devices can run anything up to something as recent as the PlayStation 2 or Nintendo DS – there’s a very dedicated community to ensuring older games and systems are optimized and run as well as possible, and as mobile hardware continues to improve these options will too. If you’re looking to enhance your experience too, there’s usually a large modding community involved too that can take your retro experience to the next level – custom texture packs make older games look very current, and modded bug fixes can solve many of the problems that plagued older games and caused them to either be much more difficult than they needed to be, or cause unintended errors during gameplay.


The emulators and games are only one factor here too though – old school controllers and cases have been designed to work with mobile devices, now you can get that classic SNES controller feel plugged in to your brand new smart phone – it’s an exciting time for nostalgia fiends and modern tech heads alike, and a little searching around can certainly fill that void you have for an old school game, and make you realise what you miss so much about them.