Role of Age Verification at the Slots Sites

Role of Age Verification at the Slots Sites

With great entertainment comes great responsibility. It’s a statement that could be debated and may be at variance, especially amongst the younger, teenage-angsty part of the population. But there is no two ways about it when it comes to gambling online and plays slots like Starburst, Bonanza and Gonzos Quest. In this article we will look into the role of age verification at the Slots Sites and ask whether it’s doing enough as it stands.

Why is it there?

To answer whether the Age Verification system is effective, we have to ask why is it there in the first place. As by default, all gambling services in the UK are available to those aged 18 and over. In order to play at any of the UK casino sites, a player must prove their age by a series of ID checks. That should do the job of protecting the young and vulnerable from the negatives of gambling right? Wrong.

Online Slots Sites are accessible to anyone

The reason why current age verification process is ineffective is because it fails to differentiate between gambling and browsing through gambling content. The current rules are there to stop under-agers from engaging in a gamble by not letting them wager in a game before the correct age is proven. On the other hand, anyone can enter a Slots Site, browse through the services offered and even play demo versions of the games on offer.

Recent studies by UK scientists (as well as international studies) have shown that exposure to gambling related content is a major factor when addictions form. Even though someone under 18 years of age might not make it to gamble, they will have all the information of how to do it readily available.

Both land-based casinos and Online Slots Sites are regulated by the Gambling Commission in the UK. But when you look at the workings of land-based casinos, they have completely different rules: no one under the age of 18 is allowed to set foot in a casino, AGC (adult gaming centre) or a bingo, let alone browse in it. Whereas the same cannot be said about online Slots Sites.


Age verification systems in Slot Sites are fairly safe and extensive. They will make sure that no under-ager gambles while also guaranteeing the use of true identity. We could say that the role of age verification is to make sure gambling is carried out legally, i.e. by adults. With that in mind, we could imply that age verification is successful in this role. Nevertheless, wagering money in a game is not the only way to become addicted. More and more studies are showing that even exposure to casino environment and information is enough to drive gambling impulses.

Ardent discussion between gambling regulating bodies might soon see a change in the Age Verification systems in online Slots and the whole Online Slots experience as we know it. Until then, enjoy online Slots responsibly!