SEO News: Bing Updates Search Results

SEO News: Bing Updates Search Results

Microsoft Bing is launching updates to search to improve user experience.

Bing’s upgraded search features include:

  • Integrated visual search
  • Expandable carousels
  • Infographic-like SERPs
  • Richer results for local queries

Integrated Visual Search

While browsing through the card-based results users will have the option to instantly conduct a visual search to find similar-looking items. Bing describes it as “While exploring these visual results, you might see something you like but is difficult to describe with words. That’s why we’ve also integrated visual search into the experience, so you can quickly search using an image. For example, in the “DIY coffee table” result, you may see wicker baskets that fit the table’s look and feel. With just a click, you’ll get image results of similar-looking items, and can directly click off to retailer sites to purchase a particular basket if you’re sold on it.”


Expandable Carousels
Bing is upgrading its carousels with a feature that displays additional information when users hover over the results. For example,  if you search for a movie and hover over the result it may show details such as when the film was released, a synopsis, and review scores from multiple sources.


Infographic-like SERPs
An upgrade that Bing says provides “style and substance” presents results in an infographic-like experience that combines text and imagery. Bing describes it as “For example, you can search for broad topics like “Kenya” or “giraffes”. Results for these move beyond a dense summary of text results and blue links and aggregate the top text and visual results into an infographic-inspired experience. Curiosity piqued? Click off to sites that contain more detail or explore other related topics.”


Local Search Upgrades
Bing is applying many of the same design principles shown throughout this article to local search results. Conducting a general search about an area or landmark, like “things to do in Seattle” or “Eiffel Tower”, will return a SERP with aggregated information from multiple sources. The upgraded local search experience combines results from Bing Maps, top images, visitor reviews, and more. In a single view, users can learn more about a location or attraction with a comprehensive overview, instead of a single carousel of images or a simple text summary.

Microsoft Bing Rolls Out 5 Upgrades to Search Results


Many of these features are now live in Microsoft Bing. The local search features will be launching in the US only over the coming weeks.

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