The Main Features of PUBG Mobile & How To Play It On PC

The Main Features of PUBG Mobile & How To Play It On PC



PUBG Mobile is considered as one of the most famous battle royale games available right now. And this is evident with the number of daily active players it has, as well as the number of total downloads it already garnered. But why is this game so popular? Let’s look at its main features and see what this battle royale game has to offer.


PUBG Mobile Main Features

Depth And Variety

One of the main features that PUBG Mobile has is depth and variety. The classic game offers several different maps to play. But aside from the classic, there are also other game modes available for you to enjoy.



Another prominent feature of PUBG Mobile is that it is free-to-play. It’s not like PUBG PC, where people are required to purchase the game first before they can play it. This is why the game has hundreds of millions of downloads and tens of millions of daily active users.


Constant Update And New Content

PUBG Mobile developers also provide constant updates, as well as new content to the game. This keeps players engaged and interested in this battle royale game. They can always expect something new or at least improvements in the game. This gives them reasons always to come back and check out what’s new.




Playing the Game on PC

Looking at what PUBG Mobile offers, it’s clear to see why it is such a popular mobile game for many players. Though the game is entertaining and exciting to play, even on a mobile device, it still can’t compare to playing it on a PC. Fortunately, there is a way for you to play this battle royale game on a PC. If you try to search for it online, you can find several sites that cater to playing PUBG on PC. One of those sites is right in front of your screen! Yes, you are correct! Head to the “Download” Page of this site and select which best suits your gaming. The PUBG Mobile is available for Mac, Windows, and even Mobile users.

After you have selected what system is appropriate for your computer, a prompt will appear to your screen installing the game. There might be several steps needed after this; you have to read and follow the guidelines to install this play successfully. Once completed, you can now start playing the game on your PC. You can also share this site and page with your friends for easier and faster downloading. The process is simple right? With that, you can now enjoy playing PUBG mobile with friends and be the one to get the victory!