Top 10 Games of 2018

As gamers prepare for the next generation of consoles, 2018 put a greater focus on storytelling than in years past. There were still plenty of technical marvels, but many of the best games of the year highlighted how interactive experiences can be moving, exciting, and engaging all at once.

Some might even argue that these last years before a new console generation deliver some of the best games, and 2018 is no exception. These are Game Rant’s top 10 games of 2018.

10. Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 loot box cosmetic microtransactions

What we said: “By focusing on characters and story over cliche open world tropes, Far Cry 5 manages to be completely and utterly engrossing from start to finish. It’s one of the finest takes on the open world genre that we’ve seen, and while it may not deliver much in the way of revolutionary new ideas, it still stands as the best Far Cry game since Far Cry 3.”

Why you should play it: Far Cry 5 shakes up the series by taking players to a small town in the rural United States. It makes things a little more real from a story perspective, but still delivers a ton of bombast through its gameplay. Far Cry 5 is a reminder of how engaging the series can be, packed with a ton of memorable characters and big moments

Available on: PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

9. Dead Cells

best indies 2018 - dead cells

Why you should play it: Dead Cells offers that addictive, “just one more run” formula that has made for so many indie successes. Every run has the potential to bring players to the finish line, or crumble after one mistake. Players can go at their own pace with Dead Cells, but few will come away not wanting to go back again and again.

Available on: PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

8. Tetris Effect

tetris effect gameplay

Why you should play it: It might seem odd to include a Tetris game on a top 10 in 2018, but Tetris Effect takes the series’ simple formula and gives it plenty of flash. Visually, this is one of the best VR games available, and mechanically, it’s a sublime experience that is easy to pick up and play. Don’t sleep on this one just because it’s Tetris.

Available on: PS4.

7. Celeste


Why you should play it: A tough but fair platformer, Celeste is unassuming at first but show layers upon closer inspection. Its story connects with players in a way that few games of this genre typically do, and its varied gameplay only makes things more remarkable. Celeste marries storytelling and mechanics in a way that few games this small do.

Available on: PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

6. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


What we said: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate offers near-endless replayability, and thanks to the sheer amount of content, it’s easy to recommend to just about anyone with a Nintendo Switch. Really the only thing holding it back is its lackluster online functionality, but if Nintendo manages to iron out those issues, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate may very well be the best game in the series to date.”

Why you should play it: As the name would imply, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the pinnacle of the series thus far, featuring every character that has ever appeared on the game’s roster. Purists are going to have their favorites, but it’s hard to argue that Ultimate doesn’t deliver everything that Smash fans want, as well as a single player experience with World of Light.

Available on: Switch.

5. Monster Hunter World


What we said: “Whether going solo or joining up with friends online, Monster Hunter World is a top-tier game, and arguably the best entry in the series to date. It manages to be accessible to those new to the series, while also delivering plenty of challenge to keep veterans on their toes. Its monster battles are intense and thrilling, and the wealth of content available should keep players busy for weeks, if not longer. Simply put, Monster Hunter World is a must-play game.”

Why you should play it: Despite a confounding approach to multiplayer matchmaking, Monster Hunter World is still the most approachable the series has ever been. Streamlining systems across the board, the game welcomes newcomers and hardcore fans into an experience that is exciting and challenging.

Available on: PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

4. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

assassins creed odyssey conquest mercenary

What we said: “Fans who arrive at Odyssey expecting the Assassin’s Creed experience they grew up with may be disappointed or confused, but gamers ready for a new era for the franchise should plan to be overwhelmed with opportunity.”

Why you should play it: Building off the more RPG-focused Origins, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey gives players even more options, from two distinct main characters to a wide variety of dialogue choices. But at its core, Odyssey still has the action-oriented flair in a setting that is ripe for exploration. Assassin’s Creed has never felt this massive and this detailed and a new era has begun for the franchise.

Available on: PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

3. Marvel’s Spider-Man

spidey swinging through new york

What we said: “From the story to the exploration to the combat to seemingly endless upgrades, Spider-Man is packed full of things worth doing and that are fun to do. Insomniac Games has made it seem effortless with the way they can bring this character to life in all the ways a video game can. Spider-Man is a great superhero game, a great PS4 exclusive, but most importantly a great game all its own.”

Why you should play it: From the web-swinging to the characters to the tons of Easter Eggs, Marvel’s Spider-Man is a superhero video game done right. It respects the character, makes players feel like the character in action, and tells a story that has tons of comic book flair.

Available on: PS4.

2. Red Dead Redemption 2


What we said: “It’s simply incredible how much Rockstar has accounted for. But even beyond the jaw-dropping visuals, the diverse score, and the gameplay, the story is something special and memorable. Red Dead Redemption 2 is a must-play for its entertainment value, its boundary-pushing, and its place as a landmark moment in video games.”

Why you should play it: Rockstar Games has delivered a more deliberate adventure than Grand Theft Auto, but one that is filled with memorable characters, exciting moments, and an open world that truly feels alive. Red Dead Redemption 2 delivers a tale of redemption through Arthur Morgan that is arguably one of the finest video game narratives of this generation.

Available on: PS4 and Xbox One.

1. God of War


What we said: “Top to bottom, Sony Santa Monica has created a beautiful evolution of the series. The story is more nuanced and full of surprises, the characters have depth and their relationships grow, and the combat is more deliberate and forces the player to consider every action. Graphically, this is one of the best looking games on a console, filled with diverse and colorful environments and a sense of scope and scale that makes the world feel whole.”

Why you should play it: Sony Santa Monica smartly finds a way to build off the events of the previous game while also giving them weight in this new setting. Where everything in past God of War games was in service of mayhem and destruction, God of War (2018) finds a way to contextualize the brutality in such a smart way. So whether you were a fan of the previous games or not, you’ll likely find this latest game to be something completely different and special.

Available on: PS4.

It was a surprisingly strong year, with many developers finding a second wind in franchises that were thought sufficiently mined. Whether or not these games will stand the test of time is yet to be determined, but there’s little doubt that several games on the list are poised for strong follow-ups. Perhaps in a few years time, some of these games’ sequels will make their respective year’s top 10 list.