Types of combat sports you can bet on with crypto

Types of combat sports you can bet on with crypto

For regular bettors, the idea of crypto betting isn’t exactly a new one. It is something they should have come across as it is now a surging trend within the gambling community. You can use cryptocurrency to bet on a lot of sports such as football, horse racing, formula 1 racing, basketball, and a lot more. 

However, when such talk about crypto betting is being made, not enough is mentioned about combat sports. Of course, betting with cryptocurrency also works well for combat sports and that is what this post tries to highlight. Here, we look at the types of combat sports you can bet on using crypto and the different betting options available for bettors.

  • Professional boxing

Professional boxing is a sport that has been around for ages. It is probably the most prestigious among all combat sports. The sport is particularly suitable for crypto betting. Generally, the vast majority of boxing bets are predicated on the World Heavyweight title and this represents the highest point of the sport. Typically, the events last between ten and twelve rounds so long as a boxer is not knocked out before that. In less common situations, the winner can be decided by the points given by the judges.

At this particular level, certain distinct features start to manifest. For instance, the boxers stop wearing headgear and huge sums of money tend to be on the ground in what is known as the” purse”. The massive sums are typically to be split among the fighters.  More often than not, in a professional boxing match, the players will likely be only able to bet money on the person that will win a fight. In any case, there are crypto betting sites that allow you to do this by using cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin among others.

  • Amateur boxing

Betting has not gained enough acceptance when it comes to amateur boxing.  Of course, this is not to say that people do not bet at all on it. By nature, amateur boxing is most comparable to the ones that hold in Olympic games and commonwealth games. Amateur boxing is scored by a points system and the points are awarded by the judges according to the number of clean blows landed by a boxer on their opponent. Unlike in professional boxing, headgear is worn in amateur boxing. In addition, the competitors are usually dressed in red or blue colors. This color identification and distinction is also different from what obtains in professional boxing where the boxers are permitted to put on their preferred colors and shorts. Betting with crypto is also generally accepted for amateur boxing and all the risks and benefits associated with crypto betting in professional boxing also apply here. 

  • Mixed martial arts

Another combat sport where crypto betting is in full gear is WeGamble mixed martial arts. This is a combat sport that has been described as the fastest growing sport in this century and this is undeniable. The UFC organization of course gets the credit for this. It is now common to see UFC events gather a tv audience in millions. It is for this reason that betting has continued to become more and more popular among the enthusiasts of this sport. This also means that it is ripe for crypto betting. 

When you bet on mixed martial arts with crypto certain advantages come with it. For one, the identity of the user is well protected. This means that the transactions are hard, if not impossible to track. In addition, you have no intermediaries or third parties such as the government or financial institutions that will slow down the process. Another thing is the speed at which the transactions are processed as they are carried out within a short period and with no delay. 

Moreover, you do not have to worry about any processing since there is no third party involved. If you are a very smart bettor, you also have the opportunity to maximize your winnings due to the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies. Modern MMA divides fighters into different weight categories and this tends to be a source of headache for most bettors. The implication of this is that it is hard to analyze the outcome of the fight since there is no information about the condition of the fighters as well as their health. However, this is not peculiar as it happens with other sports such as football, hockey, basketball, and many more.

Types of bet on combat sports

If you want to bet on combat sports with crypto, you must know all the options available for you and two very common ones include; 

  • Fight winner

This is self-explicable and it means betting on who wins between two individuals in a fight. It is also known as a Moneyline wager.

  • Round Betting

This type of betting lets the sportsbook set a marker (referred to as a line) on how long a fight will be. as a bettor, your part is to decide whether the fight will finish under or over the line.

Other available options

Apart from the ones stated, there are other options available and they include the following;

  • Method of victory: Under this option, the sportsbook set odds on how the fight will be won and lost and this tends to fall under the following methods;
  • Knockout/Technical Knockout (TKO) Decision (split, majority, or unanimous) 
  • Decision (split, unanimous, or majority) 
  • Submission 
  • Draw