Why You Should Start Using Soundcloud

Why You Should Start Using Soundcloud

Soundcloud is a platform made specifically to share music, audio, and podcasts. The site’s slogan says: “Hear the world’s sounds”. The concept of the media is allowing independent artists to be heard and for listeners to have access to all kinds of music and audio content. Official labels and bands are also presented on the platform.


Soundcloud was launched in 2008 and within two years the number of its users rose to 1 million. The start-up was noticed by serious sponsors who invested 10 million dollars in the project. Since then, success has never left social media. Numbers are rising rapidly, and the media is reported to have over 180 million unique users each month.

Soundcloud is a place made for musicians and by musicians. It has two founders, both are Swedish – Alexander Ljung is a sound designer and Eric Wahlforss makes electronic music. Alexander and Eric met at the computer lab of the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Whereas SoundCloud started as a social media mostly for underground and independent artists, it has developed into a platform that works with top music labels.


The platform is available for all types of most popular devices. The interface is extremely simple, just a few minutes is enough to join in and start using it. A Basic account is for free and allows an artist to download three hours of music and twice as much with a Pro account which costs 8$ per month. Unlimited Pro account costs 16$ per month, doesn’t limit uploaded files, and offers professional DJ mixing tools.


SoundCloud has algorithms that are similar to all social media. It is not enough to only sign in and download your tracks. Effective promotion requires time and effort. Be ready to pay for statistics – the platform only shows advanced stats if you have a Pro account. It will allow you to see where your listeners come from and which tracks are more popular.

It will be hard for a new member to compete with old accounts that grew their audience and promoted for years. It may be a good start for a newbie to get help from one of the services that professionally and quickly boost a new page. A user who is willing to spend money to get some instant Soundcloud likes avoids months or even years of everyday work to get likes organically.


It’s up to an artist whether to charge for his tracks. Most influential Soundcloud independent artists and popular official bands let users download a few songs from an album for free. Also, it is common to make lower-quality audio available without paying and at the same time downloading high quality for listeners who have a Pro account.

It’s a must for a user to verify that his tracks are original works, and he has all the rights to the content to monetize it. Soundcloud copyright policy is quite strict. An author who had even a single copyright strike in the past will not qualify. At this time, artists who make podcasts and mixes cannot monetize on the platform.

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