Have you ever wondered what a blue mountain will look like? Well, these and many other alluring things are what you are bound to see if you step out of the city of Sydney on a day trip to the surrounding cities and towns. Fishing at port Stephens, Exploring galleries and Museums of Canberra, Visiting the Ku-ring- Gai National Park and many other interesting tours awaits you on your day trip from Sydney. This article lists the top of the peak of day trips from Sydney. It is a list you want to have handy. It is a world heritage site.


Eucalyptus leaves have oil that spreads lovely scent in this area. The scent fills the area and the oil also makes the park look cloudy in blue smoke-like haze. It is Six Hundred and Sixty Four Thousand acres of untouched wilderness of a eucalyptus forest.

Attractions at the park include:


  • Waterfalls
  • Aboriginal rock paintings
  • Over 140 KM Hiking trail
  • The Three Sisters rock Formation
  • Bridal Veil Falls
  • Katoomba Railway
  • Rock Climbing

Do you love food and want to have a taste of Aussie food, make sure you get to Hunter Valley. Known for growing grape in all of Australia, it is also a town rich in chocolate, olives, aromatic oils, golden honey and lots of food. It is around 250 KM away from the centre of Sydney. The Hunter Valley is a wealthy town because it used to be a coal mining centre, and a prosperous one in the 19th century.

You will see attractions like:

  • Rock Climbing
  • Waverly Estate
  • Leogate Estate Wines
  • Cock fighter’s ghost
  • Hunter Valley Gardens
  • Hunter distillery

Do you have 45 minutes to travel out of Sydney? Then you must make this second oldest National Park in Australia your destination. The Guringai people were the aboriginals who live in this park area before and that is why it was named after them. From the park you will have a view of beautiful sceneries, Broken Bay, Lion Island Nature Reserve and even the blue waters of Pittwater.

You will see attractions like:

  • Rock Climbing
  • Topham walking track
  • Sphinx memorial to Bobbin head loop track



Pack you loads and gear up to visit a lot of Museums and galleries in the Australian Capital Territory. It is a 3 hours drive from Melbourne and Sydney because it was chosen in 1908 to compensate both cities as their rivalry was high to be the capital. The cit is a well designed city because it was planned from top to bottom and designed by a couple, Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahony Griffin. There are lots of green land, parklands and gardens. The New Parliament House is one the places to be if you make it to this beautifully crafted city.

Other attractions in Canberra include:

  • Topham walking track
  • Australian War Memorial
  • New Parliament House
  • Museum of Australian Democracy
  • Lake Burley Griffin
  • National Gallery of Australia
  • The National Science and Technology Centre
  • National Library of Australia
  • National Portrait Gallery of Australia
  • Mount Ainslie Lookout


Port Stephens seats at about 200 KM away from Sydney’s city centre. Tourists enjoy swimming at the pristine beaches, diving the fly point, sailing and surfing all the waters of Port Stephens’s Bay. The Bay is the top fishing centre in all of Australia. Make sure you get to Gan Gan lookout to enjoy a gorgeous view of the whole area.

Site attractions include:

  • Mount Ainslie Lookout
  • Stockton Sand dunes
  • Dolphin watch cruise
  • One Mile Beach
  • Samurai Beach
  • Tomaree Head
  • Fighter World

Final Verdict: You will always enjoy your stay in Sydney, but it will be more wonderful if you tryout the day trip away from Sydney. Click on day trips from Sydney for more information.

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