Everything you need to know if your child plays Minecraft

Everything you need to know if your child plays Minecraft

Among the best-selling video games in history, Minecraft has become a true social phenomenon after more than 10 years of life. Far from starring in a passing fad, its undoubted appeal has not stopped bringing together a community of users that, spread all over the world from different platforms, must be counted by millions. But what does it consist of and what are the secrets to its success?

Exploration in an open world

Framing within the sandbox category, referring to those productions without a fixed objective and a non-linear progression, it offers an open scenario with innumerable exploration possibilities. A considerable difference with respect to other proposals that require a prior debugging of more specific skills.

And, in Minecraft, progress is made thanks to mere experimentation, a free learning that is accumulated at the rhythm of each one. Which is not to say that there are not a lot of tutorials and guides with which to speed up the process. In fact, many gamers have publications with which to increase their notions in this regard, although it is advisable for parents to previously supervise the content to ensure that the language of the video in question is appropriate for the age of our children. Another option is for them to access from children’s platforms such as YouTube Kids, which already have content filtering that excludes those not suitable for minors.

Objective: Enjoy the trip

The different alternatives when starting a game, which we will see later, introduce variations when facing the adventure. However, the end goal does not change because, in reality, it does not exist. In other words, Minecraft makes an environment and resources available to players that they can use at will, writing their own story.

This virtual universe, divided into biomes or geographical regions, is made up of cubic blocks, which are the spatial units occupied by every element that inhabits it, whether it is objects or animated beings. Everything has, therefore, a boxy look that, although it may be unattractive at first, unmistakably represents the essence of the successful video game.

In general terms, everything starts with creating a world and giving it a name. Then, the exploration and collection of materials begins, essential to make new tools (which will allow to collect other resources) and to undertake increasingly advanced construction projects. While this search work is going on, yes, we can find hostile characters that we will have to face, such as spiders, zombies and monstrous creatures called endermens.

The game modes

Although the essence of the game remains unchanged, the available game modes contain the following peculiarities:

  1. SurvivalAvailable both in solo and multiplayer, it is based on the storage of materials, accumulated in an inventory, to produce buildings and work tools. The hostile creatures that appear will endanger the survival of our character, who has to eliminate them before they do.


  1. CreativeAlso for one or more participants, the creative mode suppresses the fights with enemies to focus entirely on an unlimited construction spiral, since the available resources are infinite. Much less demanding than the previous variant, it can be an ideal alternative for inexperienced users.
  2. AdventureThis option, on the contrary, increases the difficulty in obtaining raw materials, for which specific tools such as picks, shovels or levers are needed. Regarding the conflictive encounters with the mentioned evil entities, it offers new features such as the possibility of using various weapons or donning armor.
  3. SpectatorFinally, there is a passive alternative to start in the Minecraft universe, with almost total freedom of movement, but in which you cannot interact with the elements. Recommended to acquire the first notions before entering more complex modalities.

Platforms on which it is available

It is possible to play alone through Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android and Windows 10. However, to enjoy the multiplayer option it is necessary to open an account on the platform in question. An incentive to share the experience with other friends is that, for half a year, the same game can be accessed from different operating systems.

The interesting didactic dimension of Minecraft

Above all, the positive thing about the video game is its immense didactic potential, supported by the necessary development of creativity that its mere free approach pushes. You have to constantly be solving problems, adapting to situations and making the most of stored resources, tasks that inevitably end up reinforcing geometric concepts, logic and the ability to collaborate with other players.

Didactic potential of Minecraft

An unbeatable base to delve into the experience with our children, asking them about their decisions and the methods they followed to make them. In fact, the developers themselves have released a version intended for teaching, called the Education Edition, with which teachers can apply the attractive Minecraft environment in their math or graphic arts lessons.

Is it a violent game?

It is true that various game modes include recurring battles against entities managed by artificial intelligence, as well as that, in multiplayer mode, one can run into aggressive users predisposed to fight and set traps. In either case, the smooth aesthetic, free of shocking or unpleasant elements, suppresses any overt overtones of explicit violence during the experience.

Does it carry any risk for our children?

Like any video game, it can create addiction if we do not establish certain time limits on its use. Moreover, its long line of progression, sweetened by the progress that is being made, can in itself attenuate the necessary willpower each time a session must be ended. Having said this, and far from falling into alarmism, if they respect the times recommended by the experts and have previously complied with their daily obligations, it should not represent any danger for our children to play for a while a day.

Like other free options, some paid titles like disney game uk have a purchasing system aimed at acquiring extra accessories, in this case more focused on aesthetics than on the progress of the adventure itself. Thus, in exchange for credits redeemable for money, items of clothing, textures for materials, or even worlds created by other players can be purchased. Something that does not have to become a problem if we make children aware of the unnecessaryness of such transactions and establish some control in this regard.

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