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How to deal with Pname Com Facebook Orca Error

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Facebook is the largest social networking site ever and hundreds of millions of people are loyal users. However this site is not free from problems and in this article we will explain to you about how you should deal with one classic problem that is often faced by many Facebook users. If you are one of them, it is important for you to read to completion.

Pname Com Facebook orca error  Orca files are files with .exe format. To note, the .exe file is a file with a set of protocols that are run by computers with certain hierarchies. This is a program designed by the developer to run after two clicks on the file.

What caused it?

Files with .exe format are commonly used to carry malware that can interfere with computer performance. When files with malware are executed, the virus will spread and can damage other .exe files that result in errors on a large scale.

What happened to Orca
Orca is not just an ordinary .exe file. This is a database table editor that correlates with Windows Installers. This file functions in a certain entry validation process. It is installed by the Orca MSI file and when the MSI file is installed and clicked twice then the Orca.exe file is installed. Problems usually occur when the MSI Orca file is downloaded. Sometimes downloaded files carry some malware. But today, it’s no longer a big problem since it’s been solved. Pname Com Facebook Orca Problem Solved check now.

Understanding Pname

Definition of Pname

This is the name of the package to identify the core of the particular application being developed. From this it can be concluded that Pname is an integral part of applications that have been stored in computer devices. To note, Facebook has various derivative applications and each application has its own Pname as an integral part. Facebook Messenger has Pname.com.facebook.orca while Facebook has Pname.com.facebook.katana.

The Pname is always hidden

This is an integral part that is always hidden. By default, this is hidden with one purpose. So that users don’t find it and edit it. Every editing process in the Pname file will interfere with the overall application performance. You can find the Pname by opening your mobile file manager and clicking on other options. Click on show hidden files and you will find any hidden files including Pname.

This can’t be permanently deleted because this is created automatically whenever the parent application is run. If we want to delete this completely then we must un-install the parent application. Once we reinstall the main application, the Pname will be automatically re-created. In the case of recovering chat capabilities (enable chat) then com.facebook.orca1.0.011 (Enable Facebook Chat) is a useful option that can be taken.

How to fix Facebook authentication failed on Android We can’t think of a single day without using Facebook, either from your PC or phone. But for a few months, a lot of users face the error Facebook Authentication Error. In simple, users can not log in to their Facebook page. Some said they double-checked login credentials such as username and password, but face the same problem. Some other Facebook users said they tried to log in to different devices but that the same Facebook authentication error occurred. If you also face this same problem and can not log on to your Facebook page, here are some possible steps to take to get rid of this problem.

Possible solutions for Facebook authentication failed

Verify the connection

It may sound silly, but every time you face the Facebook Authentication Error, you must first verify the Internet connection. If you are using mobile data, you need to switch to Wifi.

Clear cache and data

If you see that the Internet connection is not a reason for the failed Facebook authentication failed, the next step is to clear both the cache and the data of the Facebook application. To do this, go to Settings> Application manager> All tab> Facebook> Clear cache and then Clear data.

Many people have found a solution after this step. But if it does not work for you, then follow the next step.

Reinstall the Facebook application

If the two previous steps do not work to correct the error Facebook authentication failed, uninstall the Facebook application. Then, reinstall the current version of Facebook. Once the installation is complete, restart your phone and try to log in. In most cases, Facebook’s authentication problem failed due to an outdated version of the Facebook application.

How to fix Unfortunately Facebook has stopped working in Android  This is a classic problem commonly faced by Facebook users. When you use Facebook. You might receive an error message that says “Unfortunately, Facebook has stopped”. If you experience this one day, here are the solutions you can take:

First solution

Turn off and restart your Android device. This is the simplest approach and fortunately this often brings success. But if the error message continues to appear then you need to take a second solution.

Second solution

Remove chace and data from your Facebook application. Sometimes data is the source of problems that cause your application to display the same message continuously. By deleting unused data then you can refresh the application internally and this method has a greater chance of success than the first method.

Third solution

The third solution you can take is to install your Facebook application and reinstall it. This way you will lose the data stored in your application but if you have backed them up then do this third method.

How To Fix “Unfortunately Messenger Has Stopped” Error On Android Recently, many users decide to upgrade to Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and the problems continue after the update. One of the most mentioned problems is the error “the application has stopped unfortunately”, see the following cases:

“The error message always appears even after pressing OK, and I can not go to settings since it will not open with that error, The application has stopped”.

The error The application has stopped appears very commonly on Messenger, there are many factors that can cause it. In total, in this article we bring you five possible methods to solve this annoying problem, I hope that at least one of the methods works for you.

Method 1. Reinstall the Messenger application

We recommend that you take this method as the first attempt when the error arrives only for one application instead of massive applications. First, uninstall the application that was unexpectedly closed, and then reinstall it.

Method 2. Uninstall newly installed applications

Uninstall the newly installed applications. Sometimes, newly installed applications do not support the hardware of the device, therefore, they must be removed from the device in order to eliminate errors caused by the application itself.

Method 3. Clear the cache

Cache files are the main source of errors and problems in the operation of applications, clearing the cache can solve most problems related to applications. To clear the cache, go to Settings> Application> Application manager> Enter the “All” tab, select the particular application that has failed, and then touch Clear data and clear cache.

Method 4. Clean RAM

Clean RAM is a good solution to this problem in Android. As the applications that work in the background use a lot of RAM and therefore there is less RAM available for the application use producing that error. Go to Task Manager> RAM> Clear memory.

  1. Factory Reset MethodIf none of the above mentioned methods works for you, the last thing you should try is to reset your device to factory settings. Keep in mind that this action will erase all data related to applications, all software updates, including your images, documents, messages, contacts and any personal files saved in the storage memory of your Android device.

Solve Unfortunately Facebook Has Stopped in Android Phone  

Android smartphones are currently the main choice for smartphone users. But even though we can easily install applications or uninstall applications, it does not mean that an Android smartphone can be released from an error problem. There are many kinds of problems that we can find on an Android smartphone, and one of them is an application-related problem, a notification appearing “Unfortunately the application has stopped” or “Unfortunately App Has Stopped”.

Some of the steps below will help you overcome the problem “Unfortunately Facebook has stopped”. You can do this first step first and then try running the problematic application before going to the next step.

Force Stop.

Here’s how to force the application to stop:

– Open Settings / settings from the Home screen on your smartphone device.
– Search and tap the App menu or application management on several other devices
– Look for Facebook
– Then tap / press the “Force Stop” button.

Delete App Cache or App data

Sometimes by removing the cache an application can solve the problem.

Uninstall and install your Facebook

If the two methods above still don’t get results, the next step is to uninstall the application.

Wipe System Cache

By doing Wipe System Cache, it can sometimes resolve error problems in connection with the application that we are opening or even the error of the Android system itself. And to do this is actually quite easy, all we need to do is enter Recovery Mode. Now some Android devices have a different way to enter Recovery Mode. After you enter Recovery Mode, hover over the “WIPE CACHE” option, and then run it using the power button. When finished, please reboot your Android device.

Factory Reset

This will solve all your problems but you can lose all your data.

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