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You play an intergalactic mail carrier who must deliver mail to a number of inhabited moons. He must safely steer a course from moon to moon while avoiding dangerous asteroids. The mail carrier is paid for each delivery he makes, but pay is deducted for time spent hanging around on moons. This adds pressure to the difficult task of orienting his rickety, old rocket, which he cannot steer very well in space.
    When the rocket is on a moon, the arrow keys will rotate it to allow the launch direction to be set. The spacebar will launch the rocket, and the moon will be removed from the screen to show that its mail has been delivered. In flight, the rocket will keep moving in the direction it is pointing in, with only a limited amount of control over its steering using the arrow keys. When things move outside the playing area, they reappear on the other side to give the impression of a continuous world. The player will gain points for delivering mail, but points will be deducted while waiting on a moon. This will encourage the player to move as quickly as possible from moon to moon. There will be different levels, with more asteroids to avoid. The game is over if the rocket is hit by an asteroid, and a high-score table will be displayed.
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