Why Did Google Create the ‘I’m Feeling Curious’ Feature? 5 Interesting Facts Behind the Tool

Why Did Google Create the ‘I’m Feeling Curious’ Feature? 5 Interesting Facts Behind the Tool

Why Did Google Create the ‘I’m Feeling Curious’ Feature? 5 Interesting Facts Behind the Tool

Have you ever found yourself aimlessly scrolling through Google, searching for something to pique your curiosity? Well, fear not! Google has got you covered with their “I’m Feeling Curious” feature. But have you ever wondered why this fun and quirky tool was created in the first place? Here are five interesting facts behind the development of “I’m Feeling Curious.” Get ready to be intrigued!

Introduction to Google’s ‘I’m Feeling Curious’ Feature

As one of the most popular search engines in the world, Google is always looking for new ways to improve the user experience. In 2012, they introduced a feature called “I’m Feeling Curious” – a tool that allows users to ask random questions and get interesting results.

So why did Google create this feature? According to product manager, Setu Kulkarni, the goal was to provide users with a fun and easy way to explore the vast amount of information available on the internet.

Interestingly, Kulkarni and his team were inspired by the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button on Google’s homepage. This button takes users directly to the first result of their search query – even if it’s not necessarily the most relevant result. They thought it would be fun to create a similar button that would take users to random, but interesting results.

To come up with questions for the “I’m Feeling Curious” feature, Google employees looked at popular searches and used their own curiosity to generate ideas. The team also looked at forums like Reddit and Quora to see what people were curious about.

Since its launch, the “I’m Feeling Curious” feature has been a hit with users. It’s a great way to kill time or learn something new – and it all started with a simple idea from Google’s product team.

How Did ‘I’m Feeling Curious’ Come About?

In August 2013, Google released a feature called “I’m Feeling Curious” on its search page. This feature allows users to ask random questions and get answer from the search engine.

The idea for this feature came about when Google’s engineers were trying to come up with ways to improve the user experience on the search page. They wanted to find a way to make the search page more interactive and fun to use. After brainstorming for a while, they came up with the “I’m Feeling Curious” feature.

Google has not released any official statistics on how popular this feature is. However, based on anecdotal evidence, it seems that this feature is used quite frequently by many people.

What Questions Does It Answer?

1. What questions does it answer?

The “I’m Feeling Curious” feature on Google allows users to ask random, interesting questions and receive quick answers in return. This can be a great way to learn new things or simply pass the time. But why did Google create this feature in the first place?

Interestingly, the idea for “I’m Feeling Curious” came from one of Google’s engineers, who was inspired by the company’s mission to “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” The engineer thought that if users could ask random questions and get quick answers, it would help them learn new things and be more curious about the world around them.

So far, the response to “I’m Feeling Curious” has been positive, with many users finding it a fun and useful way to kill time or learn something new. And who knows? Maybe someday this feature will help someone discover something truly amazing that they never would have found otherwise.

What Are the Benefits of Using ‘I’m Feeling Curious’?

When you’re feeling curious, Google is the perfect place to turn to for answers. The search engine’s “I’m Feeling Curious” feature presents users with random, yet interesting facts pulled from a variety of sources.

The benefits of using “I’m Feeling Curious” are that it:
-Can satisfy your curiosity with interesting facts
-Is a great procrastination tool
-Is entertaining and can help kill time
-Can educate you on random topics you may not have been interested in before

5 Interesting Facts Behind the Tool

When Google first launched the “I’m Feeling Curious” feature, it was met with a lot of excitement. People were curious about what Google was up to, and how this new feature would work. However, there were also some people who were skeptical about the whole thing.

So, why did Google create the “I’m Feeling Curious” feature? Well, there are actually a few interesting facts behind the tool that you might not know.

For starters, the “I’m Feeling Curious” feature was originally created as an internal tool for Google employees. It was designed to help them find new and interesting things to do when they had some spare time.

However, after seeing how popular the tool was with employees, Google decided to launch it publicly. And, as you can probably imagine, it didn’t take long for the feature to become a hit with users all over the world.

One of the main reasons why people love the “I’m Feeling Curious” feature is because it’s very random. You never know what you’re going to get when you use it. That’s part of the fun!

Another reason why people enjoy using the “I’m Feeling Curious” feature is because it often leads to unexpected results. For example, you might type in a question like “How tall is Mount Everest?” and get an answer like “The average height of Mount Everest is 4,879 metres (16,002 feet).” Who knew?


Google’s ‘I’m Feeling Curious’ feature is one of the most fascinating tools created by the tech giant. It offers users an entertaining way to learn more about a variety of topics, while also providing Google with better insights into their search behavior and interests. With its wide range of interesting facts, this feature has become a great resource for many people around the world who are looking to increase their knowledge base. Whether it’s for fun or educational purposes, ‘I’m Feeling Curious’ is sure to provide anyone with hours of enjoyable entertainment.