Is virtual reality the future of gambling?

Is virtual reality the future of gambling?

As we are sure most gamblers are aware by now, the limits to technological advancements in the gambling industry do genuinely seem more or less infinite, especially when you factor in the crazy world of online casino. In the realm of online slots, for instance, developers such as NetEnt and Big Time Gaming are constantly looking for new ways to improve their games, and the utilization of new pioneering technology is one of the best ways to do this.

Whilst gamblers have had things like Megaways technology over the years, there is something a lot larger threatening to blow at any moment these days. That is virtual reality, a piece of technology that has already made its way into the online casino sphere, but is yet to properly take off. Many gambling experts are anticipating virtual reality to be the future of gambling, but are they right? Let’s check out these slots games today.

What is virtual reality? 

First things first, what exactly is virtual reality? Well, it does pretty much exactly what it says on the proverbial tin, with the idea being that virtual reality technology will provide an alternate reality. There are many ways in which people have tried to do this over the years, however recently things like the Oculus Rift headsets have given a template for companies to explore genuinely commercial virtual reality avenues. 

With these headsets customers are invited to put them on, and they will then be transported to an alternate reality using incredibly realistic graphics and, most importantly, motion sensors. 

A brief history of virtual reality 

Virtual reality might sound like a resolutely modern invention, however the truth is that people have been exploring virtual reality avenues since the 19th century, however not to the same technological extent of course. Back then the idea of virtual reality was something like squirting water at a theatre audience if there was a scene where the protagonists on stage were getting wet. 

More recently in the 20th century there was a surge of so-called virtual reality machines that simulated things like a fictional Mars landing, however again these things didn’t quite create the alternate reality that Oculus Rift headsets can today. 

Virtual reality and gambling 

But what does virtual reality have to do with gambling? Well, whilst the idea of virtual reality in the gambling industry is quite new, there are already a host of exciting avenues to be explored by game developers and online casino sites. In fact, there are already a couple of virtual reality online casinos available, in which gamblers can explore a casino just like they would in real life, with the only difference being that it is a virtual reality! 

What does the future hold for virtual reality and gambling? 

We are currently only experiencing the surface level of what is really possible with virtual reality and gambling. One of the most exciting possibilities that has been touted recently are virtual reality slots, where gamblers will be able to play online slots from the inside.