What Legal Users Need to Know About Marijuana Drug Tests

Do you smoke and are worried about taking a drug test?

Drug tests can be scary to many people, especially if they do drugs. While marijuana is becoming increasingly popular, many employers still require that their employees take a marijuana drug test.

Going out of your way to take a drug test isn’t in your best interest, but there are several ways to ensure that you pass one if you’re required to.

Read on to learn about how weed is affecting employers and how you can pass a drug test.

How Modern Laws Are Influencing Employers

Over the past several years, marijuana has been legalized in several states across the USA. This has made employers review their drug screening processes because they’re wondering if they need them anymore.

Since marijuana is getting legalized, more people are buying it. Marijuana and employment are two topics that don’t resonate well with one another because people that smoke weed are often thought of as having low work rates.

When employers look at marijuana and drug testing, they have to consider whether it’s worth losing out on potential talent just because someone smokes. This is inclining companies to stop testing for marijuana so they can continue to grow.

What You Can Do If Your Company Requires a Marijuana Drug Test

If you work for a conservative company that doesn’t want to stop testing for marijuana, you’ll have to take measures into your own hands. There are two things you can do: quit or pass the drug test.

You’re probably wondering how you would pass a drug test if you smoke weed. Fortunately, there are some common methods that daily smokers use to pass theirs.

Companies will typically take a sample of urine because it’s the cheapest method. One of the age-old techniques that people use to pass is flushing their system with water. The day before your test, drink about a gallon of water to thing your urine out as much as possible.

If you’re not confident in your ability to pass, you can opt for external products that are designed to help you. Products like the Whizz are artificial penises that you can use for when you take a marijuana urine test.

You’d be provided with real urine from a sober donor and warming packets to use before the test. The warming packets will bring the urine to a realistic temperature. While employers generally don’t stare at you during the test, the artificial penis will ensure that no one suspects anything.

Pass Your Drug Test Today

Passing a marijuana drug test doesn’t have to be a difficult thing to do. Many employers realize that people can easily pass them, which is another part of the reason why they’re getting rid of them.

As the laws surround marijuana change, you probably won’t have to worry about these drug tests in the future. If you’re stuck at a place that requires a drug test, start flushing your system out with water. If you’re still testing positive for THC, use an artificial urinating device to ensure that you pass.