Best slots by Pragmatic Play

Best slots by Pragmatic Play

It wasn’t actually that much longer than a hundred years ago that a savvy Californian engineer who went by the name of Charles D. Fey invented the world’s first slot machine, which he called the Liberty Bell slot. You would be forgiven for thinking that this took place many centuries earlier, especially considering the ludicrous rate of evolution in the slot gambling industry. Back then it was simple mechanical slot machines, now pretty much all of them can be found online… Mental. 

Oh yes, if it wasn’t for the arrival of online slots at we’re really not sure that the slot gambling world would have reached the heights that it does today, and by extension of that the online casino world would be nowhere near as healthy either. Pragmatic Play are one of the main online slot developers responsible for pushing things forward, a Malta based developer that has been making waves since their establishment back in 2015. Keep reading for some of the best slots by Pragmatic Play. 

3 Genie Wishes 

Pragmatic Play have a wide variety of different themed online slot games, something that becomes apparent only after a few seconds of delving through their back-catalogue. 3 Genie Wishes is one of our favourite themed Pragmatic Play slots, a game that takes the wonderful world of Aladdin and the magic genie as the main inspiration. This slot is unique in another way too, as Pragmatic Play have decided to replace the classic 3×5 reel configuration with a 4×5 lay out instead. 

Aside from this the developer have made sure to include a range of different tantalizing bonus features too, with there being some excitingly named Raining Wilds on offer as well as various other lucrative bonus features such as a free spins round. 

Fairytale Fortune 

Ever wondered why there are so many online slots around these days that take vital inspiration from things that were typically meant to be for children? Just think about Eyecon’s Fluffy Favourites, for example, a slot that became incredibly popular due to its nostalgic and childhood inspired aesthetic. Well, it seems like Pragmatic Play have taken a leaf out of their book, because Fairytale Fortune is completely wrapped up in the world of Prince Charming and the sleeping princess. 

If this sounds a little like the plot of Shrek, it’s because it is! Only the whimsical green ogre has been replaced by a rather handsome prince. This 5 reel and 15 pay line slot is one of Pragmatic Play’s most popular online slots, and there is no surprise either when you sink your teeth into the various lucrative bonus features. 

Gold Rush 

In many ways the practise of mining for gold is not that dissimilar to online slot gambling, as  both require a fair amount of faith that you will actually find something. Well, Pragmatic Play know this, as Gold Rush is an online slot completely wrapped up in the world of gold mining, and playing it might make you just as rich as if you strike gold!